Putin on State Visit to Beijing

Putin on State Visit to Beijing

Hiroki Tanaka
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Russian Deputy Prime Ministers Accompany President Putin on State Visit to China

In the recently formed Russian government, six out of ten deputy prime ministers accompanied President Putin on a significant two-day state visit to Beijing, marking his 23rd visit to China and his first foreign visit in his fifth presidential term.

Key Takeaways

  • Six out of ten Russian deputy prime ministers joined President Putin's delegation to Beijing, highlighting the importance of the visit.
  • President Putin's choice of China as his first foreign visit of his fifth presidential term signals a shift from his previous patterns.
  • The visit indicates a significant strengthening of Sino-Russian relations, with potential implications for Western countries and the global political and economic landscape.


The heightened presence of Russian deputy prime ministers during Putin's visit to Beijing underscores the deepening ties between Russia and China, potentially impacting Western nations. This closeness may be driven by a shared goal of countering Western influence, particularly in energy and technology sectors.

The immediate consequences may include expanded collaboration and trade agreements between China and Russia, exerting influence on global politics and economics. Over the long term, this developing alliance could lead to an alternative power bloc, potentially affecting international organizations like the EU, WTO, and NATO.

Financially, both the Russian Ruble and Chinese Yuan could experience increased utilization, challenging the dominance of the US dollar. Consequently, countries and businesses heavily reliant on the US dollar may face indirect repercussions, including shifts in trade dynamics and potential economic instability.

Did You Know?

  • The "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit is a high-level gathering initiated by China to enhance cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road routes, focusing on infrastructure development and regional connectivity.
  • Deputy Prime Ministers of Russia hold significant roles in assisting the Prime Minister in managing various sectors and regions of the country, reflecting the importance of Russian-Chinese relations across different areas of their bilateral cooperation.
  • President Putin's fifth presidential term marks a historic moment, as he becomes the first Russian leader to serve five presidential terms, underscoring his enduring political influence and widespread support within Russia.

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