Samsung SmartThings First to Support Matter 1.2

Samsung SmartThings First to Support Matter 1.2

Elena Rodriguez
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Samsung SmartThings Introduces Support for Matter 1.2

Samsung's SmartThings platform has become the first major smart home platform to incorporate Matter 1.2, enabling manufacturers to seamlessly integrate their compatible devices with the SmartThings ecosystem. However, the SmartThings app will undergo an update later this summer to fully support Matter, delaying the control of Matter-compatible devices such as the Roborock robot vacuum or Midea dishwasher through SmartThings.

Samsung has also unveiled several enhancements to its SmartThings platform, including improved app design, new device control options, a hub backup feature, shareable routines, and the introduction of gamification in the SmartThings Energy feature. These updates are designed to streamline smart home management and enhance reliability.

The inclusion of support for Matter 1.2 in SmartThings signifies that devices adhering to the new smart home standard, developed collaboratively by tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Samsung, can now seamlessly function with Samsung's smart home platform. This expansion encompasses a broad array of appliances, including refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, washing machines, robot vacuums, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung SmartThings now supports Matter 1.2, enriching device compatibility.
  • New SmartThings app features encompass hub backup and shareable routines.
  • Matter integration introduces local control, faster response times, and offline functionality.
  • Notable platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home lag in supporting Matter 1.2.
  • SmartThings Energy incorporates gamification, rewarding energy-saving efforts with Samsung Rewards.


Samsung's early implementation of Matter 1.2 positions SmartThings as a pioneer in smart home interoperability, benefiting both device manufacturers and consumers seeking broader compatibility. However, delayed app updates and non-Matter certified Samsung appliances could initially curb user experience. This strategic move may compel competitors like Amazon, Google, and Apple to expedite Matter support, reshaping the dynamics of the smart home market. While short-term challenges in integration may emerge, the long-term prospect of enhanced device control and energy gamification could foster increased adoption and platform loyalty.

Did You Know?

  • Matter 1.2:
    • Matter 1.2 represents the latest iteration of the Matter smart home connectivity standard, developed by a consortium including Apple, Amazon, Google, and Samsung.
    • It amplifies device compatibility across diverse smart home platforms, enabling seamless collaboration among devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and robot vacuums.
    • Matter 1.2 introduces features like local control, faster response times, and offline functionality, elevating the overall smart home experience.
  • Hub Backup Feature:
    • The Hub Backup feature within Samsung SmartThings ensures uninterrupted operation by enabling a secondary hub to assume control if the primary hub encounters a malfunction.
    • This feature heightens the reliability and resilience of the smart home system, mitigating disruptions in device control and monitoring.
    • It particularly benefits users with multiple hubs, providing a failover mechanism to uphold smart home functionality.
  • Gamification of SmartThings Energy:
    • Samsung has introduced a gamified approach to energy management within SmartThings Energy, enabling users to earn Energy Stamps for conserving energy.
    • These Energy Stamps can be exchanged for Samsung Rewards, incentivizing users to curtail energy consumption and embrace sustainable practices.
    • This feature injects engagement and reward elements into energy management, motivating users to actively partake in energy-saving endeavors.

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