Saudi Arabia Plans Dollar Sukuk Sale

Saudi Arabia Plans Dollar Sukuk Sale

Paulina Khalifa
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Saudi Arabia Plans Dollar Sukuk Sale to Address Fiscal Shortfall and Support Vision 2

Saudi Arabia is making strategic financial moves with a planned three-part dollar sukuk sale to address a $21 billion fiscal shortfall and further support its Vision 2 initiative.

Key Takeaways

  • The three-part dollar sukuk sale aims to cover a $21 billion fiscal deficit and provide support for Vision 2, targeting yields 85-110 basis points above US Treasuries.


Saudi Arabia's decision to conduct a three-part dollar sukuk sale, with a targeted yield range of 85-110 basis points above US Treasuries, serves as an effort to address a significant fiscal gap and bolster the Vision 2 plan. The move reflects the Kingdom's commitment to diversifying revenue streams and financing developmental endeavors. While the fiscal shortfall could impact financial reserves, the sukuk sale is poised to inject vital funds. Furthermore, this strategic step may influence other oil-dependent economies to explore similar financial instruments. The success of this sale could potentially pave the way for increased use of Islamic finance tools, including sukuk, in the global market. Indirectly, this initiative aligns with Vision 2's objectives of economic diversification, private sector expansion, and enhanced living standards for citizens of Saudi Arabia.

Did You Know?

  • Sukuk Sale: Sukuk, an Islamic financial certificate conforming to Sharia law, functions similarly to Western bonds by generating returns without interest. Sukuk signifies proportional ownership in diverse assets such as real estate, infrastructure, and commodities. In this context, Saudi Arabia aims to sell Sukuk in three tranches to acquire funds within the international dollar-denominated market.
  • 85-110 bps above US Treasuries: Basis points (bps) are a unit for measuring financial percentages, including interest rates. By targeting yields 85-110 bps above US Treasuries, Saudi Arabia aims to offer Sukuk at a higher return rate than comparable US government bonds, compensating investors for the increased risk associated with Sukuk and the Saudi Arabian market compared to the relatively secure US Treasury market.
  • Vision 2: Saudi Arabia's Vision 2 is a strategic blueprint focusing on economic diversification and reduced reliance on oil revenues, emphasizing non-oil sector development, business environment enhancement, attraction of foreign investments, and improvement of citizens' quality of life. The funds generated from the Sukuk sale will play a pivotal role in supporting Vision 2 through the financing of various infrastructure projects, backing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as investments in education, healthcare, and technology.

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