Saudi Arabia's Ambitious Electric Car Venture: Bold Move or Stumbling Block?

Faris Al-Fayez
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Key Takeaways

  • Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made a bold move by assembling the first electric cars in the kingdom.
  • The electric cars were assembled in Saudi Arabia in a bid to attract foreign capital and position the country as a global hub for future industries.
  • The event took place at a striking white hangar on Saudi Arabia’s western coast, attended by the kingdom’s business and political elite.
  • This move reflects Saudi Arabia's ambition to diversify its economy away from oil and embrace new industries.

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In a grand event held at a white hangar in Saudi Arabia last year, business and political leaders hailed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's ambitious move as the first electric cars rolled off the assembly line. This bold venture aimed to position the kingdom as a global hub for future industries and attract foreign capital, showcasing a shift away from its traditional reliance on oil.

The Crown Prince's plan, characterized as a $100 billion foreign investment quest, encountered setbacks as it sought to diversify the economy's focus. The assembly of electric cars in Saudi Arabia with Lucid Group Inc. was intended to signify the kingdom's potential transformation and draw attention to its transition towards sustainable and innovative industries. However, the challenges faced in realizing this vision have raised uncertainties about the success of the ambitious venture.

Despite the initial fanfare and high expectations, the journey towards establishing Saudi Arabia as a prominent player in future industries through foreign investment has encountered obstacles, signaling a potential stumbling block in the kingdom's diversification efforts.


The Crown Prince's ambitious plan to position Saudi Arabia as a global hub for future industries through a $100 billion foreign investment quest faced setbacks, highlighting the challenges of diversifying the economy away from oil reliance. The initial launch of electric cars with Lucid Group Inc. signified the kingdom's potential transformation but has raised uncertainties about its success. Short-term consequences include a potential stumbling block in diversification efforts, while long-term implications may affect Saudi Arabia's ability to attract foreign capital. This reflects the complexity of transitioning towards sustainable and innovative industries and the need to overcome obstacles to achieve the kingdom's economic diversification goals.

Do You Know?

  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the heir apparent and de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, known for his ambitious economic and social reform initiatives.

  • Lucid Group Inc.: Lucid Group Inc. is an American automotive company specializing in electric vehicles, particularly renowned for its high-performance electric luxury sedan, the Lucid Air.

  • Economic Diversification: Economic diversification refers to the strategy of shifting a country's economy away from dependence on a single or limited number of industries, such as oil, towards a broader range of sectors to reduce vulnerability to external shocks and foster sustainable growth.

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