U.S. SEC Approves Volatility Shares' 2x Ether ETF, Boosting Crypto Market

U.S. SEC Approves Volatility Shares' 2x Ether ETF, Boosting Crypto Market

Alessia Moretti
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U.S. SEC Approves Volatility Shares' 2x Ether ETF, Boosting Crypto Market

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has greenlit the launch of Volatility Shares' 2x Ether ETF (ETHU), marking the debut of a leveraged ether ETF in the country. The trading of ETHU is scheduled to commence on June 4, 2024. This endorsement follows the success of Volatility Shares' 2x Bitcoin fund, indicating a potential shift in the SEC's attitude towards crypto ETFs. The approval has led to a significant surge in ether prices, with a remarkable 26% increase over the past week, depicting the most substantial weekly advancement since the 2021 crypto bull market. Interestingly, the move also resonates with a broader shift towards a more favorable stance on cryptocurrency, emphasized by the House of Representatives' decision to challenge the SEC's accounting policy for digital assets. However, the approval has accentuated market speculation and volatility, as some traders are banking on ether surpassing the $5,000 mark. Notably, the surge in ether prices has contributed to a rise in Ethereum ecosystem tokens, particularly meme coins such as pepe (PEPE) and mog (MOG).

Key Takeaways

  • Volatility Shares' 2x Ether ETF (ETHU) will commence trading on June 4, 2024.
  • SEC's approval of ETHU signifies the increasing acceptance of crypto ETFs.
  • Ether prices experienced a 26% surge following the unforeseen approval of ether ETFs by the SEC.
  • The political landscape is favoring cryptocurrency, evidenced by the House voting to challenge SEC's accounting policy SAB 121.
  • Market speculation and volatility are expected consequences due to the endorsement of ether ETFs.


The endorsement of Volatility Shares' 2x Ether ETF (ETHU) reflects the SEC's growing acceptance of crypto ETFs, propelling ether prices and triggering a surge in Ethereum ecosystem tokens, particularly meme coins. This development holds the potential to positively impact crypto-friendly organizations, countries, and financial instruments. The short-term ramifications encompass heightened market speculation and volatility, while long-term implications include prospective regulatory changes and amplified institutional involvement. Nevertheless, limited participation from institutions in CME Ether futures could result in modest initial inflows into ether ETFs. It's imperative for traders to exercise caution, especially considering the long-to-short ratio for PEPE, indicating a bearish sentiment among some traders.

Did You Know?

  • Leveraged ETF (ETHU): A leveraged ETF aims to deliver a multiple of the daily performance of a specific index or benchmark, designed for short-term holding and significantly impacted by compounding and volatility.
  • SAB 121: An SEC accounting policy that requires companies to account for digital assets as indefinite-lived intangible assets; recently challenged by the House, allowing companies to use a more favorable accounting method.
  • Meme Coins (PEPE, MOG): Highly volatile cryptocurrencies inspired by internet memes or popular culture, used primarily for speculation or entertainment; notably risky for investors.

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