SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Hints at Approval for Spot Ethereum ETFs: CNBC

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Hints at Approval for Spot Ethereum ETFs: CNBC

Francesca Rossi
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SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Hints at Approval for Spot Ethereum ETFs

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler hinted on CNBC that the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs could be the next logical step, following the recent greenlighting of similar Bitcoin products. This shift came as a surprise, as previously there had been little discussion with potential issuers, leading many to believe Gensler was against such approvals. Gensler justified the move by pointing out that Ethereum has been traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures for over three years, meeting the necessary criteria. Although the exact timeline for the final approval of these ETFs is still uncertain, the SEC is actively working on the necessary disclosures. This move has sparked speculation that other altcoin-based ETFs, such as those tied to Solana and Ripple’s XRP, might also gain approval in the future. However, Gensler emphasized the need for proper disclosures and regulatory compliance to protect investors and prevent market manipulation.

Key Takeaways

  • SEC Chairman Gary Gensler suggests Ether-based spot ETFs are the next logical step after approving spot BTC products.
  • SEC unexpectedly approved spot ETH ETF applications on May 23, despite previous lack of discussions with issuers.
  • Ethereum's futures have been traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for over three years, meeting SEC criteria.
  • Spot Ethereum ETF approvals occurred four months after the SEC approved 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs.
  • SEC remains cautious about approving other crypto ETFs, emphasizing the need for legal disclosures and regulatory compliance.


SEC Chairman Gary Gensler's endorsement of spot Ethereum ETFs, following Bitcoin's approval, signals a regulatory shift towards mainstream crypto adoption. The SEC's criteria, met by Ethereum's CME futures trading, suggests a precedent for other altcoins like Solana and Ripple's XRP. This could bolster investor confidence and market liquidity but also raises concerns over regulatory compliance and market manipulation. Short-term, expect increased market volatility and investment in crypto ETFs; long-term, broader crypto ETF approvals could redefine asset management and regulatory frameworks, impacting traditional financial instruments and global markets.

Did You Know?

  • Spot Ethereum ETFs: Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) that directly hold Ethereum, allowing investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency without directly owning it. Unlike futures-based ETFs, spot ETFs reflect the current market price of the asset.
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME): A global derivatives marketplace offering a range of financial products including futures and options based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural commodities, and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.
  • Altcoin-based ETFs: ETFs that are based on alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) other than Bitcoin, such as Solana and Ripple’s XRP. These ETFs aim to provide investors with exposure to these alternative digital assets through a regulated financial product.

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