SEC Policy Director Leaves, Cryptocurrency Stance Unchanged

SEC Policy Director Leaves, Cryptocurrency Stance Unchanged

Giovanni Delgado
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SEC Policy Director Heather Slavkin Corzo Steps Down, Cryptocurrency Stance Unlikely to Change

Heather Slavkin Corzo, who served as the policy director at the SEC and a trusted adviser to Chair Gary Gensler, has announced her departure from the agency. During her tenure, Corzo played a pivotal role in fortifying investor protections and driving capital formation. Her key accomplishments include the successful implementation of market fund reform, the reduction of settlement cycle duration, and the enhancement of corporate disclosure regarding cyber events. Her replacement, Corey Klemmer, is also a skeptic of cryptocurrency, indicating a continuation of the agency's existing stance. The SEC, currently entangled in legal disputes with major players in the crypto industry such as Ripple and Coinbase, has encountered a setback with the rejection of its anti-crypto SAB 121 guidance by the Senate.

Key Takeaways

  • Heather Slavkin Corzo, the SEC policy director, will be leaving her position.
  • Her contributions to strengthening investor safeguards and capital formation have been lauded.
  • Notable achievements encompass market fund reform, shortened settlement cycles, and improved cyber event disclosure.
  • Corey Klemmer, a fellow cryptocurrency skeptic, is set to succeed Corzo.
  • The skepticism of both Gensler and Klemmer indicates a continuation of the current cryptocurrency regulatory approach.


The departure of Heather Slavkin Corzo from the SEC may influence the trajectory of cryptocurrency regulation, with both her and her successor, Corey Klemmer, maintaining a skeptical stance. This development could impact entities like Ripple and Coinbase, embroiled in legal battles with the SEC. In the short term, the agency is unlikely to soften its stance on cryptocurrency. However, long-term ramifications could involve the appointment of more crypto-friendly individuals to influence SEC policy, given the political nature of such roles. Organizations involved in promoting blockchain technology and digital assets should anticipate potential shifts in regulations and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Did You Know?

  • Market Fund Reform: This encompasses alterations in regulations and practices of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and similar investment vehicles, aiming to bolster transparency, diminish risks, and shield investors. Corzo's involvement in this reform underscores her influence in shaping policies that impact the asset management industry.
  • Shortening Settlement Cycle: In financial markets, the settlement cycle denotes the duration for completing securities transactions. Traditionally, this process could take up to three days (T+3), but advancements in technology and the quest for greater efficiency have led to a shorter cycle. Corzo's role in this initiative reflects her participation in modernizing financial market infrastructure and reducing counterparty risks.
  • Cryptocurrency Skepticism: Both Heather Slavkin Corzo and her successor, Corey Klemmer, are recognized as cryptocurrency skeptics, indicating their reservations about the viability, security, and regulatory robustness of digital assets and blockchain technology. Their stance holds relevance in light of the SEC's ongoing legal disputes with crypto industry leaders, potentially contributing to a more cautious and stringent regulatory approach towards cryptocurrencies.

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