Skya Ventures Unveils Skya Crenshaw Project in Koreatown

Skya Ventures Unveils Skya Crenshaw Project in Koreatown

Takashi Nakamura
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Skya Ventures' Skya Crenshaw Project Revitalizes Koreatown Landscape

Skya Ventures, helmed by Gelena Skya-Wasserman, is embarking on an ambitious venture to rejuvenate a vacant tract in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The Skya Crenshaw project is slated to reenvision the area with three eight-story edifices, comprising a total of 194 apartments, ranging from studios to three-bedroom units, along with six live-work spaces. Additionally, the development will encompass 3,500 square feet of ground-level retail area and parking accommodations for 160 vehicles. In a strategic move, Skya Ventures is pursuing a density bonus, intending to integrate 23 affordable units for very low-income households into the development. The architectural blueprints, crafted by KFA Architecture, showcase a fusion of stucco and brick exteriors, interconnected by sky bridges and boasting upper-level balconies. This endeavor contributes to the ongoing trend of mixed-income ventures shaping the Crenshaw vicinity, enriching the urban fabric of the neighborhood.

Key Takeaways

  • Skya Ventures is spearheading a project to erect 194 apartments in Koreatown, Los Angeles.
  • The envisioned Skya Crenshaw complex will encompass 3,500 sq ft of retail space and parking for 160 cars.
  • Pursuing a density bonus, Skya Ventures endeavors to incorporate 23 affordable units in the development.
  • KFA Architecture is entrusted with the design, accentuating a blend of stucco and brick exteriors with sky bridge connections.
  • This initiative aligns with the surge of mixed-income developments in the Crenshaw area, exemplified by a 150+ apartment scheme advanced by Jamison Services in the proximity.


Skya Ventures' Skya Crenshaw undertaking in Koreatown, LA, is poised to infuse the desolate urban expanse with a medley of mixed-income residential and retail domains, potentially influencing the local housing market and retail dynamics. The integration of affordable units utilizing a density bonus framework underscores a strategic reaction to urban development regulations, wielding an influence on prospective real estate endeavors in the locale. This enterprise, following akin mixed-income projects, hints at a trajectory favoring more comprehensive urban planning. Immediate repercussions encompass job creation and local disruptions during construction, while enduring perks may encompass escalated property valuations and enriched community diversity.

Did You Know?

  • Density Bonus: This denotes a zoning enticement granting developers leeway to construct larger structures than conventionally allowed, in exchange for conferring public amenities such as affordable housing. Frequently employed to spur the establishment of low-income residences in locales necessitating such developments.
  • Live-Work Units: These residential spaces are conceived with an integrated workspace component, affording residents the convenience of seamlessly transitioning between their living and professional spheres. They hold particular appeal for freelancers, artists, and small business proprietors seeking a harmonious blend of living and working environments.
  • Mixed-Income Projects: These initiatives encompass a fusion of market-rate and affordable housing units within the same complex, with the objective of fostering socioeconomic diversity and obviating the buildup of poverty concentrations within specified neighborhoods.

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