Sucafina to Acquire Mercon's Vietnamese Unit

Sucafina to Acquire Mercon's Vietnamese Unit

Elio Rossi
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Sucafina SA to Acquire Mercon Coffee Corp.'s Vietnamese Unit, Strengthening Market Presence in Robusta Coffee Production

Swiss coffee trader Sucafina SA is set to acquire Mercon Coffee Corp.'s Vietnamese unit, Mercafe Vietnam Ltd., consolidating its foothold in the lucrative robusta coffee bean market in Vietnam. This strategic move follows Mercon's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in New York, attributed to challenges posed by fluctuating prices and escalating borrowing costs, affecting its ability to meet debt obligations. The acquisition is being facilitated through Sucafina's local subsidiary in Vietnam, as detailed in recent court filings, positioning Sucafina to further establish dominance in the instant coffee ingredient sector.

Key Takeaways

  • Sucafina SA is acquiring Mercon Coffee Corp.'s Vietnam unit, Mercafe Vietnam Ltd., to fortify its presence in robusta coffee production.
  • Mercon Coffee Corp. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to volatile prices and high borrowing costs, leading to financial distress.
  • The acquisition is being executed through Sucafina’s local subsidiary in Vietnam, taking advantage of the robusta coffee production in the country.


Sucafina's acquisition of Mercafe Vietnam Ltd. against the backdrop of Mercon's bankruptcy underscores the ramifications of financial turmoil on critical assets. This move not only secures Sucafina's position in the robusta coffee market but also capitalizes on the operational challenges faced by Mercon. In the short term, Sucafina stands to gain market share, while Mercon undertakes restructuring efforts. In the long term, Sucafina's augmented market presence could lead to industry consolidation, exerting influence on global coffee prices and supply chains. This acquisition sheds light on the susceptibility of commodity traders to market volatility and credit conditions, shaping future merger and acquisition strategies in the industry.

Did You Know?

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: This form of bankruptcy allows a business to reorganize its affairs, debts, and assets while continuing operations under the oversight of the bankruptcy court, typically pursued when a business aims to restructure debts and repay creditors over time.
  • Robusta Coffee Bean: Primarily cultivated in Africa and Southeast Asia, robusta coffee beans are known for their robust and high caffeine content, making them suitable for instant coffee and espresso blends due to their strong flavor profile.
  • Sucafina SA: A prominent sustainable farm-to-roaster coffee enterprise headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Operating in over 28 countries, Sucafina is recognized for its vertically integrated supply chain encompassing coffee sourcing, trading, and export. The company is committed to sustainable practices and commands a significant presence in the global coffee market.

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