Supercar Blondie Launches SBX Cars Auction Platform

Ina Kazakova
1 min read

An internet sensation, Alex Hirschi, widely known as Supercar Blondie, has amassed a massive following through her captivating display of hyper-exotic vehicles and lifestyle. Hirschi, accompanied by her husband Nik Hirschi, is embarking on a new venture with SBX Cars, an auction and sales platform leveraging her unparalleled popularity. The platform aims to present exclusive and unusual vehicles to the public, including a futuristic flying glass yacht and possibly even a functional anime-type robot from Japan. Notably, the first auction showcases the controversial Tesla Cybertruck, with bidding starting at $50,000. SBX Cars is set to challenge established auction houses by offering complete transparency and accessibility, disrupting the exclusive nature of luxury vehicle auctions. With over $100 million worth of vehicles lined up, this venture promises to redefine the dynamics of luxury vehicle auctions. This move also allows Hirschi to shift some responsibilities to a dedicated team, alleviating the demands of creating content for her global audience. The emergence of SBX Cars indicates a significant development in the auctioning of rare and extravagant vehicles, presenting an exciting venture for enthusiasts and the ultra-wealthy alike.

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