Switzerland Wins Eurovision with Nemo's 'The Code'

Switzerland Wins Eurovision with Nemo's 'The Code'

Gabriella Blanc
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Switzerland Wins Eurovision Song Contest with Non-Binary Artist Nemo

On May 12, 2024, Switzerland clinched victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden, featuring a groundbreaking performance by rapper and singer Nemo with the song "The Code." The event, originally intended to celebrate the diversity of Europe, became embroiled in political controversy amidst calls for Israel's exclusion following Hamas' attack on the country in October. Despite boycott demonstrations, Israel's representative, Eden Golan, secured a respectable 5th place. Nemo, a non-binary artist, dedicated their triumph to championing peace and dignity for all, underscoring the potent influence of self-expression and offering inspiration to individuals confronted with prejudice. This triumph represents Switzerland's third win in the contest and the first since Celine Dion's victory in 1988.

Key Takeaways

  • Switzerland emerges victorious at the Eurovision Song Contest with a groundbreaking non-binary artist.


Switzerland's triumph at Eurovision, featuring non-binary artist Nemo, serves as a beacon for peace and self-expression, overshadowing the political turmoil surrounding Israel's participation. This achievement has the potential to bolster Switzerland's cultural impact and serve as a source of inspiration for other marginalized artists. Conversely, calls for Israel's exclusion may persist, impacting the contest's ethos of inclusivity. Over time, the Eurovision Song Contest could reassess its political stance and enact structural reforms to ensure a more inclusive environment for all participants, ultimately resonating with European nations, artists, and audiences.

Did You Know?

  • Eurovision Song Contest: It is an annual international song competition featuring performers from European Broadcasting Union (EBU) member countries. The contest, initiated in 1956, involves submission and live performances of original songs, which are evaluated by national juries and viewers.
  • Nemo (singer): Nemo, a non-binary rapper and singer from Switzerland, secured victory at the Eurovision Song Contest with their song "The Code," marking a significant advancement for LGBTQ+ representation in the competition.
  • Hamas' attack on Israel: Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic organization controlling the Gaza Strip, orchestrated a series of rocket attacks on Israel in October. The resulting discord led to debates on Israel's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, underscoring the event's complex political dynamics.

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