Synthara Raises $11M to Boost AI Capabilities in Compact Devices

Synthara Raises $11M to Boost AI Capabilities in Compact Devices

Alessia Rossi
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Synthara Secures $11 Million to Boost AI Capabilities in Embedded Chips for Compact Devices

Zurich-based startup Synthara has successfully raised $11 million in funding to advance the features of embedded chips for AI-powered applications in compact devices, including wearables and sensors. The investment round was spearheaded by Vsquared Ventures and also encompassed contributions from OTB Ventures, Onsight Ventures, Deep Tech Labs, and European and Swiss grant funding. Synthara's CEO, Manu Nair, emphasized the escalating demand for more intricate capabilities in smaller devices, highlighting the struggles traditional embedded chips encounter with AI workloads. Synthara's flagship product, ComputeRAM, empowers device manufacturers to utilize familiar embedded chips while broadening their application scope in the swiftly evolving AI landscape. The startup's strategy involves fashioning processor architectures for in-memory computing, which substantially bolsters energy efficiency and reduces latency. Currently in partnership with Bosch, Synthara aims to expand its team and hone its go-to-market strategy before charting out another funding round in 2025.

Key Takeaways

  • Synthara raises $11 million to advance AI capabilities in embedded chips for compact devices, with significant contributions from European and Swiss grant funding, led by Vsquared Ventures.
  • Synthara's ComputeRAM facilitates traditional embedded chips to accommodate a wider range of AI applications, promising a paradigm shift in energy efficiency and latency through in-memory computing.
  • The startup collaborates with Bosch on various AI applications, with plans to expand its team to 25.


This substantial funding for Synthara underscores the burgeoning requirement for efficient AI processing in compact devices. The injection of capital, particularly the notable grant funding, positions Synthara to disrupt the market by augmenting traditional embedded chips with AI capabilities utilizing their pioneering ComputeRAM technology. Through collaboration with Bosch, Synthara's in-memory computing approach holds the promise of achieving a 100x enhancement in energy efficiency and latency, pivotal for wearables and sensors. In the short term, this could result in more sophisticated AI in smaller devices. Over the long term, it has the potential to overhaul the capabilities and market for embedded chips, influencing both device design and AI integration strategies.

Did You Know?

  • In-Memory Computing: A cutting-edge approach where data storage and processing take place within the same memory unit, curtailing the necessity to transfer data between different components. This methodology notably diminishes latency and energy consumption by circumventing the traditional data transfer between CPU and RAM, a common bottleneck in conventional computing architectures.
  • ComputeRAM: An exclusive technology developed by Synthara, which integrates computational capabilities directly into the memory subsystem of embedded chips. This fusion allows for more efficient processing of AI workloads on devices with constrained power and space, such as wearables and sensors, by executing computations where data is stored, thus minimizing data movement and enhancing performance.
  • Vsquared Ventures: A prominent venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments in deep tech and science-based startups. Recognized for leading funding rounds in companies pioneering innovative technologies with the potential for significant impact in their respective industries. Their involvement in a funding round often signifies a strong endorsement of the startup's technology and business model.

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