Synthetic USDe: The Stablecoin Reshaping Crypto Markets

Synthetic USDe: The Stablecoin Reshaping Crypto Markets

Marcelo Ramirez
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Synthetic USDe: Transforming the Cryptocurrency Market with Stability and Margin Trading

The cryptocurrency market is undergoing a significant transformation as Synthetic USDe, a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, gains traction. This synthetic currency provides traders with a stable alternative in the volatile crypto market, enabling them to participate in margin trading and other financial activities without traditional banking services. Ethena introduced USDe earlier this year, emphasizing its on-chain scalability and censorship resistance, while also supporting the innovative concept of an "Internet Bond." Major exchanges like Bitget have already integrated USDe as a margin option for coin-margined contracts, expanding its utility. Bitget's CEO, Gracy Chen, highlighted the rapid growth of USDe, which now represents about 3% of the stablecoin supply, highlighting its potential in the crypto market. Users can easily utilize USDe on Bitget by transferring funds to their contract account and selecting it as a margin for trading pairs, adjusting leverage based on their risk tolerance and strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Synthetic USDe provides stability in the volatile cryptocurrency market as it is pegged to the U.S. dollar.
  • Traders can engage in margin trading and diversify portfolios using synthetic USDe without traditional banking services.
  • Ethena's USDe, introduced in February, supports an "Internet Bond" concept with unique features.
  • Bitget integrates Ethena Labs' synthetic USDe as a margin option for coin-margined contracts.
  • On Bitget, users can use USDe as margin for over 230 futures trading pairs, alongside other currencies.


The increasing adoption of Synthetic USDe is reshaping the cryptocurrency market by offering stability and facilitating margin trading without traditional banking. Its integration by major exchanges like Bitget for over 230 futures trading pairs underscores its growing influence, potentially leading to increased market liquidity and diversification, ultimately benefiting traders and exchanges. However, reliance on synthetic currencies may pose regulatory challenges and risks of market manipulation. Over the long term, the success of Synthetic USDe could redefine financial transactions in the crypto space, potentially influencing global financial practices.

Did You Know?

  • Synthetic USDe: A stablecoin designed to mirror the U.S. dollar's value, providing stability in the volatile cryptocurrency market and enabling activities like margin trading without reliance on traditional banking services.
  • Internet Bond: A novel financial concept supported by Ethena's USDe, likely referring to a bond-like instrument issued and traded on the blockchain, offering on-chain scalability and censorship resistance, potentially revolutionizing traditional bonds in the digital realm.
  • Margin Trading with USDe on Bitget: A trading strategy where users use their USDe holdings as collateral to trade futures contracts on Bitget, adjusting leverage based on risk tolerance and trading strategies. This involves using USDe as collateral to potentially amplify gains or losses from market movements.

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