Tech Entrepreneur Ventures Into Cattle Ranching

Tech Entrepreneur Ventures Into Cattle Ranching

Gabriel D'Angelo
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Energy Mogul Steve Rooney Invests in Montana Cattle Ranch

Steve Rooney, the prominent figure behind Precision Pipeline, has made headlines with his latest purchase of the historic Camas Creek Cattle & Sheep Company in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. The sprawling 37,000-acre property, acquired from the renowned Doggett family for over $50 million, signifies Rooney's continued expansion into the agricultural sector, following his recent sale of a Colorado ranch. This strategic move is anticipated to influence the agricultural landscape and real estate market, potentially catalyzing competition and technological advancements.

Key Takeaways

  • Steve Rooney, founder of Precision Pipeline, has acquired the Camas Creek Cattle & Sheep Company in Montana for over $50 million.
  • The ranch, with a capacity for 1,800 animals, will remain a working cattle operation under Rooney's ownership, with his son overseeing meat processing.
  • Rooney's real estate endeavors reflect a substantial interest in agricultural investments, punctuated by the recent sale of a Colorado ranch for $46.9 million and his ownership of a residence in Jupiter, Florida.


Steve Rooney's foray into the Camas Creek Cattle & Sheep Company underscores his dedication to agricultural diversification and the utilization of substantial financial resources. This purchase has the potential to stimulate similar moves from other influential figures in the energy sector, possibly redefining the dynamics of land prices and market trends in agriculture and ranch real estate. The involvement of industry facilitators such as Hall and Hall and Swan Land Company could signal an upsurge in demand for expert services in this domain, further amplifying competition and innovation.

Moreover, Rooney's successive ventures in buying and selling ranches may pave the way for a transformation in farming practices, sparking greater efficiency and technological integration in the long term. The ripple effects of this trend are anticipated to extend beyond Rooney's individual acquisitions, fostering a climate of progress and evolution in the agricultural realm.

Did You Know?

  • Precision Pipeline: A dominant force in the oil and gas sector, Precision Pipeline, established by Steve Rooney, remains a key player in constructing energy pipelines across North America. Following its acquisition by MasTec in 2009, Rooney continued his involvement as a board member until 2017, shaping the landscape of oil and gas infrastructure development.
  • Camas Creek Cattle & Sheep Company: This historic Montana ranch, formerly belonging to the Doggett family, boasts a rich legacy spanning over a century and will continue to operate under Rooney's ownership. With a capacity to accommodate 1,800 animals, the ranch's significance as a functioning cattle operation aligns with Rooney's strategic vision for agricultural development and sustainability.
  • Ryan Flair (Swan Land Company): Renowned as a distinguished real estate broker at Swan Land Company, Ryan Flair played a pivotal role in facilitating the transaction between Steve Rooney and the previous proprietors of the Camas Creek Cattle & Sheep Company. This further enhances Flair's standing as an authoritative figure in the high-end ranch real estate market, solidifying the significance of this acquisition within the realm of prestigious real estate dealings.

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