Rivian Automotive Reports Q1 Loss

Rivian Automotive Reports Q1 Loss

Luisa Gómez
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Rivian Automotive Reports Q1 Loss

and Potential Partnership with Apple

On May 8, Rivian Automotive (RIVN) revealed a Q1 loss of $1.24 per share, surpassing expectations. The electric vehicle (EV) startup faced a loss of $38,784 per vehicle delivered in Q1, with hopes for improvement by year-end. Additionally, it announced an impressive 68,000+ reservations for its new R2 vehicle within just 24 hours. Unconfirmed rumors also suggested a potential partnership between Rivian and Apple (AAPL), which could aid in scaling operations.

Key Takeaways

  • Rivian Automotive (RIVN) reported a Q1 loss of $1.24 per share, exceeding expectations.
  • The EV startup lost $38,784 per vehicle delivered in Q1, but expects improvement by year-end.
  • Rivian announced it received 68,000+ reservations for its new R2 vehicle within 24 hours.
  • Apple (AAPL) is rumored to explore a partnership with Rivian, potentially aiding scale.
  • Rivian's new COO, Javier Varela, joins from Volvo to help improve operations and efficiency.


Rivian's Q1 loss and high production cost per vehicle may raise concerns amongst investors, yet the substantial surge in R2 reservations showcases strong consumer demand. The rumored partnership with Apple could potentially facilitate Rivian's scale and cost reduction, benefiting both entities. With the appointment of Javier Varela as the COO, leveraging his expertise from Volvo, Rivian's operational efficiency is anticipated to improve. Nevertheless, the poor Q1 earnings might impact its market valuation, influence investor decisions, and strain supplier relationships. In the long term, successful partnerships and enhanced efficiency could establish Rivian as a pivotal participant in the EV market, boosting its stock price and market share.

Did You Know?

  • EV Startup: Rivian Automotive is an example of an electric vehicle (EV) startup, representing a relatively new company focusing on designing, developing, and manufacturing electric vehicles, aiming to revolutionize the traditional automotive industry with sustainable and technologically advanced transportation solutions.
  • $38,784 Per Vehicle Delivered Loss: In the context of this news, Rivian Automotive reported a loss of $38,784 per vehicle delivered during Q1 2

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