Telegram's TON Blockchain Surges 1,400%

Telegram's TON Blockchain Surges 1,400%

Marcello Rossi
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Telegram's Open Network Blockchain Surges in Value

The Open Network (TON) blockchain, associated with the messaging giant Telegram, has experienced an astounding spike in asset value, skyrocketing by 1,400% to surpass $1 billion in 2024. This surge has propelled TON's token to triple in value, driving it to secure a spot among the top 10 by market capitalization. Notably, this remarkable growth is largely attributed to TON's seamless integration with Telegram's expansive user base of 900 million, setting it apart within the booming crypto market.

Telegram, recognized as one of the globally leading messaging apps, plays a pivotal role in fueling the success of TON. It is striving to evolve into a "super-app," akin to China's WeChat, by seamlessly integrating social, gaming, and financial functionalities. Pantera Capital's substantial investments in TON signify a strong belief in its potential to evolve further.

Industry experts express optimism about TON's future, especially in the realms of payments and remittances, with some projecting that it could attract a third of Telegram's user base by 2028. Despite regulatory obstacles and concerns regarding dependence, TON's symbiotic relationship with Telegram continues to propel its meteoric ascent within the crypto market.

Currently, TON token is trading at $7.48, 4.08% up in the past 24 hours.

Key Takeaways

  • TON blockchain's asset value surged 1,400% to over $1 billion in 2024.
  • TON's token tripled in value, entering the top 10 by market cap.
  • TON token is trading at $7.48, 4.08% up in the past 24 hours.
  • Telegram's integration with TON leverages 900 million users for growth.
  • New KYC/AML checks and Tether partnership expand TON's payment use cases.
  • TON aims to capture a third of Telegram's user base by 2028.


The surge in TON's value is underpinned by Telegram's user base and strategic integrations, markedly influencing Pantera Capital and Tether. Despite regulatory challenges and initial skepticism, TON has demonstrated resilience. In the short term, TON benefits from heightened user engagement and adoption in the payment domain. In the long run, the prospect of capturing a third of Telegram's users positions TON as a major player in the crypto sphere, reshaping market dynamics and potentially impacting global payment systems.

Did You Know?

  • The Open Network (TON) Blockchain:
    • TON, originally developed by Telegram, is a blockchain platform designed to efficiently handle high transaction volumes. Its integration with Telegram's extensive user base has facilitated broader use cases, encompassing social interactions, gaming, and financial transactions within the messaging app.
  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering):
    • An ICO serves as a fundraising mechanism where new projects trade their underlying crypto tokens for bitcoin or ether. Comparable to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), ICOs specifically cater to cryptocurrencies. TON's ICO in 2018 garnered $1.7 billion, marking it as one of the largest ICOs in history; however, it also attracted regulatory scrutiny from the SEC.
  • KYC/AML Checks:
    • KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures are tailored to validate user identities and prevent illicit financial activities. As TON expands its payment services and integrates with financial tools, the implementation of robust KYC/AML checks assumes vital significance, aligning with global regulations and bolstering trust in the platform.

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