Tesla Set for Model Y Redesign

Tesla Set for Model Y Redesign

Amalia Rossi
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Tesla Teasing Redesign for Model Y SUV

Tesla appears to be preparing for a redesign of its popular Model Y electric SUV, with a mysterious "Juniper" Model Y recently seen in California. The vehicle had its front and rear bumpers covered, suggesting potential changes. Notably, this Model Y was equipped with a front-mounted camera, which could enhance parking assistance, a feature Tesla had previously scaled back on.

Earlier this year, the Model 3 received a similar refresh in the US after its European debut, including redesigned front and rear bumpers, new headlights, and a sleeker logo. Interior upgrades featured an RGB dashboard strip, ventilated seats, and a rear infotainment screen. However, the removal of traditional steering stalks had a negative impact on Tesla's recent quality reports.

While the bestselling car worldwide last year, the Model Y still retains traditional stalks. Given that the Model 3 and other Tesla vehicles have removed them, it's likely the new Model Y might follow suit due to their shared design aspects. Stay tuned for further updates as Tesla continues to evolve its lineup!

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla testing "Juniper" Model Y redesign, featuring a front-mounted camera.
  • Model 3 received a refresh with new bumpers and headlights earlier this year.
  • Model Y may follow Model 3 in removing traditional steering stalks.


The potential redesign of Tesla's Model Y could have significant effects on suppliers and competitors. Short-term, traditional stalk suppliers may suffer, while competitors like Rivian and NIO could face increased pressure. Long-term, Tesla's innovation could set new industry standards, influencing future automotive design and safety features. Investors should monitor Tesla's stock as consumer reception will determine the impact on its market position.

Did You Know?

  • Juniper Model Y: The term "Juniper" likely refers to a confidential codename for a specific variant or redesign of the vehicle, commonly used in the automotive industry to maintain confidentiality during development.
  • Front-mounted camera for parking assistance: Enhances Tesla's Autopilot and Full Self-Driving capabilities, providing real-time visual feedback to drivers, improving safety and ease of parking.
  • Removal of traditional steering stalks: Part of Tesla's push towards a more minimalist and technologically advanced interior, though facing criticism for potentially complicating basic driving tasks.

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