The Declining Accessibility of Maternity Services in China

Xiulan Wang
1 min read

The accessibility of maternity services in China is declining, with several provinces announcing the cessation of delivery services at public hospitals. This trend has intensified, resulting in the closure of obstetrics wards in more than a dozen hospitals over the past years. The shrinking number of obstetric departments and the historically low birth rate in China are contributing factors to this issue. Financial burdens, coupled with economic uncertainties, dissuade some young couples from having families, despite policies aimed at encouraging childbirth. The closure of delivery options has raised concerns among medical professionals, who highlight the strain on doctors and nurses in obstetrics departments. The decline in the number of obstetricians is also a worry, prompting calls for support, such as higher medical fees and salaries for doctors. This trend poses significant challenges for pregnant women in China, and experts are voicing alarms over the state of maternity services in the country.

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