The Rise of Huione Guarantee: A Key Player in the Crypto Scam Industry

The Rise of Huione Guarantee: A Key Player in the Crypto Scam Industry

Valentina Rodriguez
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"Crypto Scam "Pig Butchering" Earns $11 Billion for Cambodian Platform Linked to Ruling Family"

The notorious crypto scam known as "pig butchering" has grown into a massive criminal enterprise, generating tens of billions in annual revenue. Central to this is Huione Guarantee, a Cambodian platform with ties to the country's elite, which facilitates these fraudulent activities. Crypto-tracing company Elliptic reports that Huione Guarantee has handled $11 billion in transactions since its inception, including $3.4 billion this year alone.

Huione Guarantee provides scammers with various services, from deceptive tools to laundering options. Shockingly, it also supplies coercive equipment like GPS tracking shackles and electric batons. Most transactions on the platform are linked to pig butchering schemes. This scam proliferation has created a sub-industry where scammers subcontract victim targeting and money laundering. The FBI reported $3.94 billion in losses from crypto-investment fraud in the US in 2023.

Huione Guarantee operates openly using Chinese-language terms and is part of a broader network aiding crypto scammers. Its connections to powerful Cambodian figures raise concerns and potential international intervention. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many scams have operated from struggling Cambodian hotels and resorts, often involving coerced non-Cambodian staff. Tom Robinson, co-founder of Elliptic, suggests that international sanctions targeting the leadership of platforms like Huione Guarantee could disrupt this criminal industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Huione Guarantee, linked to Cambodia's ruling family, facilitates $11 billion in crypto scam transactions.
  • Services offered include tools for scamming, money laundering, and controlling victims in pig butchering operations.
  • Elliptic traces $3.4 billion in transactions through Huione Guarantee in 2024 alone.
  • Crypto scams like pig butchering have accrued an estimated $75 billion since 2020.
  • Implementation of international sanctions could potentially disrupt Huione Guarantee's operations.


Huione Guarantee's pivotal role in facilitating $11 billion in crypto scam transactions underscores the paramount nature of its position within the "pig butchering" ecosystem. Being linked to Cambodia's ruling family, the platform not only aids in scamming and money laundering but also exercises control over victims, exacerbating the problem. This association heightens the possibility of international sanctions, potentially leading to a significant disruption in operations. In the short term, such sanctions might prompt a shift in scam tactics, while in the long term, they could discourage similar platforms from operating openly. The global ramifications encompass heightened scrutiny of crypto transactions and increased cooperation among international law enforcement agencies to combat cybercrime.

Did You Know?

  • Pig Butchering Scams:
    • Explanation: "Pig butchering" is a type of cryptocurrency scam where fraudsters cultivate trust with potential victims over time before persuading them to invest in fraudulent schemes. The term "pig butchering" originates from the Chinese slang "杀猪盘" (shā zhū pán), which directly translates to "pig slaughtering plate," metaphorically alluding to the gradual grooming of a relationship leading to the eventual "slaughter" when the victim is deceived out of their money.
  • Huione Guarantee:
    • Explanation: Huione Guarantee is a Cambodian platform allegedly associated with the country's ruling family, playing a significant role in facilitating cryptocurrency scams. It provides an array of services for scammers, including tools to deceive victims and options for money laundering. The platform also sells equipment used to control victims coerced into scam operations, such as GPS tracking shackles and electric batons.
  • Elliptic (Crypto-tracing Firm):
    • Explanation: Elliptic specializes in blockchain analytics, offering solutions for tracing and analyzing cryptocurrency transactions. In this context, Elliptic has been instrumental in tracking the transactions linked to Huione Guarantee, shedding light on the scale of its operations, with substantial sums processed through the platform, contributing to the overarching issue of crypto scams.

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