The White House Unveils New AI Regulations for Public Safety

Sophia Delgado
1 min read

The White House recently announced new regulations to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) tools used by federal agencies do not harm the public. Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized the need for agencies to verify that AI tools do not endanger the rights and safety of the American people. The new policy includes concrete safeguards for various uses of AI tools, with a focus on curtailing potential risks such as facial recognition and biased diagnoses. Additionally, the directive mandates the hiring of chief AI officers and the annual publication of AI system inventories and risk assessments. These measures are aimed at protecting the public from potential harm while allowing the benefits of AI to be enjoyed. The announcement also highlights the Department of Homeland Security's expanded use of AI for critical purposes. However, it's crucial for the US government to expedite the passage of AI industry regulations, especially in comparison to the European Union's pioneering AI Act. This move underlines the heightened importance of enacting new legislation to govern the AI industry. The latest developments align with the global ambition to regulate AI effectively and prioritize public safety. These regulatory actions establish a global model for AI governance, emphasizing the ethical and societal duties of AI adoption and advancement.

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