Tishman Speyer Cancels 10-Story Office Building in LA's Arts District

Tishman Speyer Cancels 10-Story Office Building in LA's Arts District

Maria de la Cruz
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Tishman Speyer Scraps Plans for 10-Story LA Office Building Amid Market Uncertainties

Tishman Speyer has announced the abandonment of its plans to construct a 10-story office building in Los Angeles' Arts District. The decision, attributed to challenging market conditions for downtown offices, marks a significant shift in the local real estate landscape. The project, initially proposed in 2017, was intended to replace four warehouses that previously housed Hyperloop One's headquarters. The termination of the proposed 222,200-square-foot building at 2159 East Bay Street by the Department of City Planning reflects the impact of the pandemic on office demand and the broader market shifts.

Key Takeaways

  • Tishman Speyer scraps plans for a 10-story office building in LA's Arts District due to market uncertainties.
  • The proposed 222,200-square-foot building at 2159 East Bay Street was terminated by the Department of City Planning.
  • Originally planned in 2017, the project aimed to replace Hyperloop One's former headquarters with a modern office complex.
  • The Arts District, once a hotspot for tech and media firms, now faces a cooling office market with high vacancies.
  • Despite the setback, Tishman Speyer remains active in LA with ongoing projects in Downtown Santa Monica and Baldwin Hills.


The decision reflects the broader market shifts and the impact of the pandemic on office demand. The Arts District's transition to a tech hub has stalled, leading to high vacancy rates and reduced property values. Consequently, local businesses and real estate investors are facing diminished returns. However, the shift towards remote work may benefit residential developers like Tishman Speyer, who are focusing on mixed-use projects in areas such as Downtown Santa Monica. While the market may stabilize in the long term as hybrid work models evolve, the short-term outlook for the commercial real estate sector in LA's Arts District is challenging.

Did You Know?

  • Tishman Speyer: A globally renowned real estate developer, owner, operator, and investment manager known for iconic properties such as the Rockefeller Center in New York City and the Sony Center in Berlin.
  • Arts District, Los Angeles: A neighborhood known for its vibrant arts scene, converted warehouses, and a recent influx of tech and media companies.
  • Hyperloop One: A company working to commercialize the high-speed Hyperloop transportation system, which aims to propel passengers and cargo through tubes at airline speeds at a fraction of the cost of air travel.

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