Toulouse-based Startup vorteX-io Secures €2.9M Funding for Hydrological Data Services

Toulouse-based Startup vorteX-io Secures €2.9M Funding for Hydrological Data Services

Giovanna Rossi
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Climate Tech Startup vorteX-io Secures €2.9M Funding for Hydrological Data Services

Climate tech startup vorteX-io, headquartered in Toulouse, has successfully raised €2.9 million in funding to bolster its hydrological data services, vital for effective water resource management in the face of both droughts and floods. The investment, spearheaded by Banque des Territoires and MAIF Impact, is poised to expedite the proliferation of their network of interconnected micro-stations and the Maelstrom platform across Europe. By 2026, vorteX-io is aiming to set up 3,000 stations to model significant river basins, with support from the European Innovation Council. The company's innovative technology, which utilizes satellite altimetry, enables real-time measurement of crucial hydrological parameters, furnishing decision-makers with vital data to optimize water management and mitigate flood risks. This initiative gains prominence as Europe grapples with escalating occurrences of extreme weather, underscoring the pressing need for sustainable water management solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • vorteX-io raises €2.9M for sustainable water management during droughts and floods.
  • The startup aims to deploy 3,000 hydrological data stations across Europe by 2026.
  • Funding led by Banque des Territoires and MAIF Impact, supplemented by bank financing.
  • Europe's extreme weather increases, exposing 11% of population to flood risks.
  • vorteX-io's technology uses satellite altimetry for real-time hydrological parameter measurements.


The funding furnished to vorteX-io echoes the surging demand for advanced water management solutions in the backdrop of Europe's intensifying extreme weather events. This upsurge is attributable to the region's susceptibility to floods and droughts, exacerbated by the impact of climate change. Indirectly, the confluence of regulatory pressures and heightened public awareness has been a catalyst for investments in sustainability. In the short term, vorteX-io's expansion is poised to augment local water management, potentially curtailing the damages inflicted by floods. In the long run, the deployment of 3,000 stations holds the potential to transform regional water resource planning, wielding influence on policy formulation and investment in climate tech. This development is likely to garner additional funding and forge partnerships, positioning vorteX-io as a pivotal player in the sphere of European environmental technology.

Did You Know?

  • Banque des Territoires: A financial institution under the Caisse des Dépôts Group in France, specifically dedicated to territorial development, with a focus on urban renewal, housing, infrastructure, and digital transformation in less privileged areas.
  • Satellite Altimetry: A remote sensing technique wherein satellites gauge the height of the Earth's surface features, such as oceans, lakes, and rivers, by measuring the time taken for radar pulses to travel to the surface and back. In hydrology, it aids in monitoring changes in water levels over time.
  • MAIF Impact: A subsidiary of the MAIF insurance group in France, dedicated to impact investing, wherein investments are made in companies, organizations, and funds with the objective of generating social and environmental impact alongside financial returns.

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