TraceAir Raises $25M for Construction Software

TraceAir Raises $25M for Construction Software

Nikolai Petrov
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TraceAir Secures $25 Million Series B Funding to Expand Construction Project Management Software

Seattle-based startup TraceAir has successfully raised $25 million in Series B funding aimed at enhancing its project management software tailored for home builders and land developers. Founded in 2015, TraceAir harnesses drone technology to gather and analyze project data with the goal of elevating efficiency and automation within the construction industry. The funding, spearheaded by PeakSpan Capital and complemented by support from Flashpoint Venture Capital and existing investors, is anticipated to fortify TraceAir's market position, presenting pioneering solutions to streamline construction processes.

Key Takeaways

  • TraceAir raises $25M in Series B funding to advance construction project management software.
  • Utilizes drone data to optimize project efficiency and automation since its inception in 2015.
  • Leading the funding round is PeakSpan Capital, with participation from Flashpoint Venture Capital.
  • Co-founders: Maria Khokhlova, Dmitry Korolev, Alexander Solovyev, and Nikita Ushakov.
  • CEO Dmitry Korolev previously headed a facilities monitoring company, accentuating his industry experience.


The $25 million Series B funding secured by TraceAir underscores investor confidence in integrating drone technology with construction project management. This injection of capital is poised to bolster TraceAir's market dominance, bolstering its software's capabilities and broadening its clientele within the home building and land development domains. The involvement of reputable venture capital firms like PeakSpan and Flashpoint signals a deliberate focus on scaling operations and technological innovation. In the short term, this infusion is expected to pave the way for accelerated software development and expanded market penetration. Over the long term, it may bring about substantial shifts towards automation in the construction sector, influencing labor dynamics and industry benchmarks.

Did You Know?

  • Series B Funding: This stage of venture capital financing follows early-stage "seed" funding and Series A rounds, focusing on expanding successful businesses to scale up operations, marketing, or product development.
  • Drone Technology: Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are aircraft equipped with various technology such as GPS, cameras, and sensors, operated remotely or autonomously through software-controlled flight plans. In the context of TraceAir, drones collect construction site data for analytical purposes, enhancing project management and efficiency.
  • PeakSpan Capital: A growth-stage investment firm specializing in enterprise software, identifying and investing in companies poised for substantial growth with a proven business model. Their involvement in TraceAir's Series B funding signifies confidence in the startup's potential as a key player in the construction project management software industry.

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