GameStop Stock Skyrockets 80%: Reddit Post Ignited Market Frenzy

GameStop Stock Skyrockets 80%: Reddit Post Ignited Market Frenzy

Alonso Ramirez
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Massive Market Surge Triggered by Reddit Post Sparks Frenzy

Influential trader Keith Gill, also known as "DeepF*Value," set off a market frenzy with a disclosure of his substantial $116 million stake in GameStop (GME) shares and $63 million in call options on Reddit. This revelation led to an impressive 80% surge in GME shares and a remarkable 36% rise in AMC Entertainment (AMC) during premarket trading. Moreover, Gill's influence sparked a surge in various meme tokens, with the Solana-based GME token skyrocketing over 200%, and others like TOSHI, MOG, KEYCAT, and WEN gaining up to 37%. This bold move marks yet another significant impact by Gill in the market, following prior effects from his social media activity.

Key Takeaways

  • GameStop (GME) shares surged over 80%, and AMC Entertainment (AMC) rose 36% in premarket trading after Keith Gill's Reddit post.
  • Gill, known as "DeepFu*kingValue," revealed $116 million in GME shares and $63 million in call options, netting $6.8 million.
  • Meme tokens like TOSHI, MOG, KEYCAT, and WEN saw gains up to 37%, with GME token rising over 200%, driven by Gill's influence.
  • Gill's initial $53,000 investment in GameStop peaked at nearly $50 million, establishing him as a market influencer.
  • Gill's recent post on Reddit sparked renewed interest in meme stocks and tokens, highlighting social media's impact on market trends.


Keith Gill's substantial investment in GameStop and call options, disclosed on Reddit, triggered a market frenzy, causing significant surges in GameStop and AMC shares. This event underscores the growing influence of social media on financial markets, particularly through influential individuals like Gill. The immediate impact includes substantial gains for early followers and volatility in related stocks and meme tokens. Long-term, this could lead to increased regulatory scrutiny on social media-driven market movements and a reevaluation of market influencers' roles. The ripple effects extend to retail investors, hedge funds, and regulatory bodies, highlighting the interconnectedness of traditional and digital finance.

Did You Know?

  • Call Options: A financial derivative that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy an underlying asset at a specified price (the strike price) on or before a certain date. In Keith Gill's case, he held $63 million in call options on GameStop, which means he had the right to buy GME shares at a predetermined price, potentially profiting if the stock price rose above this level.
  • Meme Tokens: Cryptocurrencies that gain popularity primarily through social media and internet communities, often due to their humorous or ironic appeal rather than their utility or underlying technology. These tokens can experience significant price volatility driven by social media trends and influencer endorsements.
  • Social Media's Impact on Market Trends: Influential figures like Keith Gill can significantly sway investor sentiment and market movements through their posts, leading to rapid price changes in specific stocks or assets, as seen in the GameStop and AMC Entertainment cases.

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