Tragedy on Guangdong Expressway: 48 fatalities in Meizhou collapse

Tragedy on Guangdong Expressway: 48 fatalities in Meizhou collapse

Ling Wei 李卫
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Tragedy Strikes: Fatal Collapse on Guangdong Meidong Expressway

On May 1, 2024, tragedy struck as a section of the Guangdong Meidong Expressway in Meizhou, Guangdong, crumbled, leading to the loss of 48 lives and injuring 30 individuals. The collapse, which occurred around 2:10 AM near the K11+900m mark towards Fujian, impacted a 17.9-meter-long and 184.3-square-meter area. Over 500 rescuers were swiftly deployed, and as of May 2, 23 vehicles had been uncovered from the debris. The identity confirmation process for three individuals is still ongoing, while the expressway remains closed, with an investigation underway.

Key Takeaways

  • A catastrophic highway collapse in Meizhou, Guangdong on May 1, 2024, resulted in 48 fatalities and 30 injuries.
  • The collapse affected a 17.9-meter long and 184.3-square-meter area of the road.
  • Over 500 individuals participated in the rescue efforts led by the Guangdong Province Emergency Response Headquarters.
  • The incident led to a surge in ticket prices for several popular high-speed rail lines.
  • The disaster occurred on the Guangdong Meidishan Highway, K11+900m, towards Fujian.


The ramifications of the Guangdong Meidong Expressway collapse in Meizhou, Guangdong, with 48 fatalities and 30 injuries, are profound. This catastrophic event may be attributed to inadequate infrastructure maintenance and construction flaws, tarnishing China's construction and transportation sectors' reputation. In the short term, the incident led to an escalation in ticket prices for high-speed rail, impacting passengers and associated businesses. In the long run, this tragedy may propel the Chinese government to invest more in infrastructure safety and quality control. Moreover, the aftermath of the collapse could result in legal actions from the families of the victims, affecting insurance companies and potentially straining local and national budgets.

Did You Know?

  • Highway Collapse: A sudden failure or destruction of a section of a highway, leading to closure and necessitating immediate repair and reconstruction. This incident caused the loss of 48 lives and injured 30 individuals, resulting in significant disruption and economic losses.
  • Guangdong Province Emergency Response Headquarters: A government body responsible for addressing emergencies and disasters in Guangdong Province, China. In this instance, the agency spearheaded the rescue operations and coordinated the response to the highway collapse.
  • Ticket Price Surge for High-Speed Rail Lines: An upturn in the cost of train tickets for high-speed rail lines, which are popular modes of transportation in China. The accident likely triggered a temporary surge in demand for train tickets, leading to increased prices. This serves as an example of supply and demand dynamics in the transportation market.

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