Transwestern Invests $41M in Valley Parkway Business Park in Lewisville, Texas

Transwestern Invests $41M in Valley Parkway Business Park in Lewisville, Texas

Sofia Fernandez
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Transwestern Invests $41 Million in Valley Parkway Business Park Expansion

Transwestern, a Houston-based commercial real estate company, has announced its investment in the first phase of the Valley Parkway Business Park in Lewisville, Texas. The company plans to invest $41 million in two warehouse shells, with construction scheduled to begin in August and conclude in November 2025. The larger warehouse will cover 504,000 square feet, while the second will span 316,000 square feet. This development is part of a broader plan to build 10 office and warehouse buildings within the park. Notably, Lewisville recently attracted a $50 million investment from Ericsson for its 5G Smart Factory, signaling significant growth in the region. This surge in industrial development highlights North Texas' position as one of the fastest-growing industrial markets in the U.S., despite a recent cooling in demand.

Key Takeaways

  • Transwestern is set to invest $41 million in the first phase of Valley Parkway Business Park.
  • The two warehouse shells will total over 800,000 square feet, with construction expected to start in August 2024 and finish in November 2025.
  • The business park will eventually house 10 office and warehouse buildings, catering to a growing industrial need in the region.
  • North Texas is experiencing substantial industrial growth, with nearly 40 million square feet under construction.


The expansion of Valley Parkway Business Park reflects the region's robust industrial growth, driven by favorable location and infrastructure. Transwestern's investment in large warehouses signifies confidence in the regional economy and the demand for logistics and manufacturing space. This development, coupled with Ericsson's 5G factory, enhances Lewisville's appeal to tech and industrial sectors, potentially attracting more businesses and boosting local employment. However, the scale of construction during a market cooling phase could lead to oversupply risks, impacting property values and rental rates in the long term.

Did You Know?

  • Transwestern: A privately held commercial real estate company based in Houston, providing services including agency leasing, property and facility management, investment services, and research.
  • Valley Parkway Business Park: A planned commercial real estate development in Lewisville, Texas, designed to include a mix of office and warehouse spaces to meet the growing industrial needs of the region.
  • RGA Architects: The architectural firm responsible for designing the warehouse shells in the Valley Parkway Business Park, specializing in innovative and functional designs for commercial and industrial spaces.

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