Trawa Raises €10M in Seed Round for AI-powered Energy Solutions

Trawa Raises €10M in Seed Round for AI-powered Energy Solutions

Olivia Rossi
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Berlin-based Renewable Energy Supplier Trawa Raises €10 Million in Seed Round

Berlin-based renewable energy supplier Trawa has successfully secured €10 million in a Seed round, elevating its total funding to over €12M. With its focus on providing AI-powered tools for energy purchasing, Trawa empowers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to achieve up to 30% in annual energy cost savings. The company's platform also offers energy management software, enabling businesses to optimize their energy consumption and seamlessly shift usage to lower-priced times of the day. Notably, Trawa's partnerships with both major and smaller energy providers ensure the transparency and traceability of all energy procurement for sustainability reporting purposes. The impressive funding round, spearheaded by Balderton Capital and with contributions from AENU and other previous investors, marks a significant milestone for Trawa's expansion and impact in the renewable energy market.

Key Takeaways

  • Berlin-based renewable energy supplier trawa secures €10 million Seed round, raising total funding to over €12M
  • Modern energy procurement is complex for SMEs, who typically pay 20% more with fixed-rate purchases compared to structured procurement
  • War in Ukraine caused energy crisis, leading to soaring costs across Europe, particularly in Germany
  • Trawa provides SMEs with tools to structure energy purchasing, using AI to optimize power combinations and save costs
  • Trawa's management software allows companies to optimize energy consumption, consumption patterns, and emissions, potentially saving up to 30% annually


The €10 million Seed round raised by Berlin-based renewable energy supplier Trawa will strengthen their AI-powered energy purchasing tools, benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to mitigate soaring energy costs, particularly in the aftermath of Germany's post-Ukraine war energy crisis. Trawa's growth may significantly impact conventional energy providers while encouraging other startups to address energy challenges. As SMEs optimize consumption and shift to lower-priced times, the energy demand patterns may undergo transformations, influencing both suppliers and grid management. It is conceivable that countries faced with energy crises might seek similar solutions, presenting potential opportunities for investors like Balderton Capital and AENU. In the long term, this funding could further Trawa's influence on sustainability reporting and carbon emissions reduction.

Did You Know?

  • Seed round: This type of venture capital financing marks the initial fundraise for a startup, typically directed toward product development, market research, and initial marketing efforts. In the case of Trawa, it secured €10 million in its seed round.
  • AI-powered tools for energy purchasing: Trawa leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize energy procurement for SMEs, delivering the potential for up to 30% in annual energy cost savings.
  • Energy management software: Trawa's energy management software empowers companies to optimize energy consumption and patterns, as well as emissions. It provides insights into energy usage and facilitates automatic shifts in energy consumption to lower-priced periods, driving meaningful cost efficiencies and sustainable energy practices.

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