Secures €5M Funding for European Forest Climate Protection Projects Secures €5M Funding for European Forest Climate Protection Projects

Emilia Rossi
2 min read Secures €5 Million in Funding to Expand Carbon Offset Projects, a startup focused on carbon offset, has successfully raised €5 million in seed funding. The funding aims to support the expansion of the company's forest climate protection projects across Europe, particularly in the regions of Austria, Germany, and other European areas. The company collaborates with various stakeholders including forest owners and municipalities. It employs advanced technologies such as geospatial engines and machine learning for the monitoring and management of forest projects. Remarkably, within a year, has secured contracts covering over 105,000 hectares, leading to the storage of more than 2.8 million tons of CO₂. The funding round, led by PortfoLion Capital Partners, is expected to further accelerate's growth and enhance its technological capabilities. The investment also includes participation from aws Gründungsfonds, Symbia VC, and the Tyrolean Business Angel Network. aims to capitalize on the growing market for voluntary emission certificates through its high-quality, locally focused projects.

Key Takeaways

  • secures €5 million in seed funding for carbon offset projects.
  • Company focuses on forest climate protection in Austria, Germany, and Europe.
  • uses advanced tech like geospatial engines and ML for forest management.
  • In one year, contracts cover 105,299 hectares, storing 2.8 million tons of CO₂.
  • Investment led by PortfoLion Capital Partners to accelerate European market growth.


The expansion of contributes to strengthening the European carbon offset markets and has a significant impact on investors, such as PortfoLion, and technology partners. The adoption of advanced technologies enhances the efficacy of projects, thereby driving innovation within the sector. In the short term, the growth of has a positive effect on local economies and climate resilience. In the long term, its success could potentially redefine carbon credit standards and influence global climate policy and investment trends.

Did You Know?

  • Carbon Offset:
    • Carbon offsetting involves compensating for emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases by supporting projects that reduce or remove these gases from the atmosphere. This can include activities like reforestation, methane capture, or renewable energy projects.
  • Geospatial Engines:
    • Geospatial engines are advanced software systems that process and analyze spatial data, which is data linked to geographic locations. In the context of, these engines help to map, monitor, and manage forest projects by providing detailed insights into land use, vegetation health, and carbon sequestration.
  • Voluntary Emission Certificates:
    • Voluntary emission certificates, also known as carbon credits, are purchased by individuals or companies to offset their greenhouse gas emissions. These certificates support projects that reduce or remove emissions, allowing buyers to achieve a net-zero emission status voluntarily.

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