Trump World Tower Condo Board Election Disappoints Unit Owners

Trump World Tower Condo Board Election Disappoints Unit Owners

Viktoriya Petrovna Gagarina
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Controversy Surrounds Trump World Tower Condo Board Election

At the recent condo board election at Trump World Tower, the hopes of unit owners eager to remove the Trump name from the building were dashed. They believe that the Trump branding is detrimental to property values. Despite claims that a renter was discouraged by the Trump branding, the Trump-friendly board maintained control, partly due to apathy among residents. Many of them are foreign governments or non-city dwellers using the units as investments or second homes.

Critics of the board argue that the Trump Organization's management, including a controversial "sweetheart deal" and a "success fee" from a property tax break, demonstrates clear bias. Sale prices at the tower have dropped 24% since 2016, significantly more than the Manhattan average. Despite this, the board attributes the decrease to the neighborhood rather than the Trump name. The board, firmly in the hands of Trump allies, shows no signs of changing the building's name or management despite the discontent.

Key Takeaways

  • Trump World Tower condo board retains power, disappointing owners seeking to remove Trump's name.
  • Unit owners claim Trump branding negatively impacts property values, citing a 24% drop in sale prices since 2016.
  • Apathy among residents and foreign ownership hinders efforts to change the board.
  • Fear of retaliation from the Trump Organization deters owners from challenging the board's pro-Trump stance.
  • Changing the building's legal name requires two-thirds owner approval, but removing signage could be a board decision.


The retention of the Trump-friendly condo board at Trump World Tower, despite a 24% drop in sale prices since 2016, highlights the impact of political branding on real estate values. The board's control, bolstered by apathy and foreign ownership, perpetuates the status quo, despite owner concerns. Short-term consequences include continued property value depreciation, while long-term impacts could extend to broader market perceptions of branded properties. The situation underscores the challenges in real estate governance influenced by external political factors, potentially affecting investor confidence and market dynamics in politically charged environments.

Did You Know?

  • Trump World Tower Condo Board: A condo board is a group of elected individuals responsible for decisions regarding the building's management, including its name and branding. The board's composition and decisions can significantly impact the building's operations and the experience of its residents.
  • Sweetheart Deal: An agreement that is very favorable to one party, often at the expense of others, and may be perceived as unduly biased or lacking in transparency.
  • Success Fee: A payment made to a party for achieving a specific outcome, often in the context of business transactions or legal settlements.

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