Turkey's Central Bank Abolishes Regulation on Lira-Denominated Government Securities

Turkey's Central Bank Abolishes Regulation on Lira-Denominated Government Securities

Ayla Dinçer
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Turkish Central Bank Announces Abolishment of Regulation on Lira-Denominated Government Securities

Turkey's central bank has recently made a significant decision to abolish a regulation that previously compelled banks to purchase lira-denominated government securities in the event of failing to meet certain deposit ratios. This move, initiated by the new leadership of the central bank, is aimed at enhancing market efficiency and marks a strategic step towards reversing unconventional policies that were previously in place. This regulation was implemented during a period of ultra-loose monetary policy, which has now been replaced with assertive interest-rate hikes, a measure taken to combat high inflation rates in the country. Cagdas Dogan, the research director at Tera Yatirim, views this development as marginally positive for the banking system. In related news, the central bank governor, Fatih Karahan, is scheduled to present the bank's latest inflation outlook on Thursday in Ankara.

Key Takeaways

  • Turkey's central bank abolishes regulation mandating banks to purchase lira-denominated government securities to improve market efficiency and reverse unconventional policies.
  • Initially implemented during a period of ultra-loose monetary policy, this regulation has been abolished by the new central bank leadership led by Fatih Karahan.
  • Cagdas Dogan of Tera Yatirim perceives this as a marginally positive development for the banking system.
  • An upcoming presentation by central bank governor Fatih Karahan on the latest inflation outlook is anticipated to provide further insights.


The abolishment of the regulation concerning lira-denominated government securities signals a shift away from unconventional monetary policies in Turkey. Under the guidance of the new central bank leadership, this move seeks to bolster market efficiency and address high inflation rates through aggressive interest-rate hikes. While potentially positively impacting the banking system and bolstering market confidence, it may also lead to short-term consequences such as increased volatility and uncertainty. Successfully implemented over the long term, this shift could potentially strengthen the Turkish lira, entice foreign investments, and enhance the nation's financial stability, particularly when accompanied by prudent fiscal policies. This development may also benefit countries, organizations, and investors closely linked to Turkey's economy.

Did You Know?

  • Ultra-loose monetary policy: This type of monetary policy involves setting extremely low interest rates to stimulate economic growth, often resulting in increased money supply and potential inflation, as was implemented during President Erdogan's tenure in Turkey.
  • Lira-denominated government securities: These are debt instruments issued by the Turkish government denominated in the Turkish lira. Compelling banks to purchase these securities can affect demand and aid in financing government spending, but it can also contribute to an oversupply of money, leading to inflation.
  • Fatih Karahan: Appointed as the new central bank governor of Turkey in 2023, Karahan has been critical of the unconventional policies of the previous administration. His decision to abolish the regulation demonstrates a commitment to reversing these policies and improving market efficiency. Karahan's forthcoming presentation in Ankara will offer valuable insights into the central bank's strategy to combat high inflation rates.

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