Turkey's Opposition Party's Local Election Victory Impact on Russia

Nadja Petrovich
1 min read

The AK Party, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, suffered major losses in Istanbul and Ankara local elections. The incumbent from the main opposition party, CHP, led the mayoral race in Istanbul. President Erdoğan conceded defeat, which could influence the country's relationship with Russia. Analysts suggest that the opposition's win may impact Ankara's international relations. Turkey's economic challenges, such as high inflation, played a crucial role in the election results. Erdoğan's administration has been dealing with significant economic problems, including soaring inflation and a devalued currency. Despite these local election losses, it's important to note that Erdoğan won the presidential election in May, securing another term for five years. Turkey's ongoing economic crisis, especially related to inflation and currency devaluation, has been a decisive factor in shaping the current political landscape and may affect the country's relationships with other nations.

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