Ugo Columbo’s CMC Group Secures $70M Refinancing Deal

Ugo Columbo’s CMC Group Secures $70M Refinancing Deal

Alexandre Dubois
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Ugo Columbo's CMC Group Secures $70 Million Refinancing Deal for Coral Gables Complex

Ugo Columbo’s CMC Group has successfully obtained a $70 million refinancing deal for their mixed-use complex in Coral Gables. The financing, provided by City National Bank of Florida and secured by the 4000 Ponce project, marks a significant milestone in the real estate scene in South Florida. The expansive complex houses an exotic car dealership and over 150,000 square feet of office space, exuding a unique Mediterranean charm that has attracted renowned tenants.

Key Takeaways

  • The CMC Group's accomplishment in securing a $70 million refinancing deal for the Coral Gables complex underscores their financial prowess and strategic positioning in the real estate market.
  • City National Bank of Florida's provision of the five-year, floating-rate loan suggests their confidence in the project's potential and signifies a diversification of their loan portfolio.
  • The 4000 Ponce project's impressive occupancy rate and the presence of prestigious tenants such as Steinway & Sons and Coldwell Banker reflect its appeal and commercial success.
  • Collaborations with partners like Fort Partners for the Four Seasons Private Residences in Coconut Grove demonstrate the CMC Group’s commitment to upscale residential projects in South Florida.


The CMC Group's successful refinancing deal not only reinforces their financial stability but also amplifies their capacity for future ambitious real estate endeavors. Furthermore, the transaction represents a mutually beneficial opportunity for City National Bank of Florida, enabling them to broaden their lending portfolio. The presence of esteemed tenants within the complex enhances its market visibility and affirms its role as a prominent commercial hub in South Florida. This strategic move positions the CMC Group for sustained growth potential, solidifying its influence on the dynamic real estate landscape in the region.

Did You Know?

  • Ugo Columbo’s CMC Group:
    • Insight: Ugo Columbo stands as a notable figure in the South Florida real estate domain, distinguished for his significant contributions and specialized expertise in high-end mixed-use complexes and residential developments.
  • 4000 Ponce Project:
    • Insight: The 4000 Ponce project serves as a noteworthy symbol of commercial success and architectural elegance, boasting a distinctive blend of amenities including an exotic car dealership and premium office spaces.
  • Floating-Rate Loan:
    • Insight: City National Bank of Florida's provision of a five-year, floating-rate loan exemplifies their willingness to engage in flexible financing arrangements, reflecting the dynamic nature of the real estate market and the opportunities it presents.

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