UK Payments Industry Seeks 1-Year Delay for Implementing Scam Reimbursement Rules

UK Payments Industry Seeks 1-Year Delay for Implementing Scam Reimbursement Rules

Alessandra Rossi
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UK Payments Industry Seeks 1-Year Delay for Implementing Scam Reimbursement Rules

The UK payments industry is requesting a one-year delay in implementing new rules that mandate firms to reimburse scam victims, citing concerns over operational readiness, particularly with the case management system. The Payments Association, representing over 200 members, has emphasized that certain key components of the reforms may not be prepared by the original October 7 deadline. This plea comes in the midst of the resignation of Chris Hemsley, the former head of the Payment Systems Regulator, who stepped down after facing criticism regarding the high refund ceiling of £415,000. The proposed rules aim to refund customers in most cases of authorized push payment fraud, which resulted in £460 million in losses last year, with costs being shared between payment sending and receiving companies. The industry argues that it cannot solely absorb these costs and urges government intervention, highlighting the political nature of the decision.

Key Takeaways

  • UK payments industry seeks 1-year delay for implementing scam reimbursement rules.
  • Concerns raised over readiness for the October 7 implementation date.
  • Authorized push payment fraud caused £460 million in losses in 2023.
  • Proposed rules mandate customer refunds and split costs between payment firms.
  • New PSR managing director pledges ongoing industry engagement and support.


The UK payments industry's request for a delay in implementing scam reimbursement rules reflects concerns about operational readiness and financial burden. While the delay may alleviate pressure on firms in the short term, it could also prolong consumer vulnerability to fraud. This, in the long run, could impact trust in digital payments and strain relationships between payment firms and regulators. Furthermore, the industry's plea for government intervention underscores the political implications of the policy, potentially influencing future regulatory frameworks and financial industry dynamics.

Did You Know?

  • Authorized Push Payment Fraud: A type of fraud where victims are tricked into authorizing a payment to another account, typically by criminals posing as legitimate payees. This differs from other fraud types where transactions are unauthorized by the account holder.
  • Payment Systems Regulator (PSR): An independent UK authority that ensures payment systems work well for people using them, having powers to make and enforce rules, promote competition, and protect users from unfair practices.
  • Payment Association: An industry body representing a wide range of payment industry stakeholders, including banks, payment service providers, and technology companies, advocating for its members' interests and shaping the future of payments in the UK.

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