Ukraine President Zelenskiy Vows Retaliatory Drone Strikes on Russian Oil-Refining Facilities Despite US Discontent

Nikolai Petrovich Kazakov
1 min read

Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has affirmed that the country will persist in targeting Russian oil-refining facilities, despite US discontent with its campaign. Zelenskiy warned that without additional military aid from allies, Kyiv's forces may be compelled to retreat 'step by step'. These drone attacks are seen as retaliation against Kremlin strikes on Ukraine's energy grid and are part of an effort to compel Moscow to cease these actions. The statements were made following an interview with Zelenskiy in Kyiv, as reported by The Washington Post. The situation reflects the ongoing tensions and complex dynamics between Ukraine, Russia, and the US, showcasing the delicate balance of power and interests in the region.

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