UN General Assembly Supports Palestine's UN Admission

UN General Assembly Supports Palestine's UN Admission

Ezra Cohen
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UN General Assembly Admits Palestine to UN, Straining US-UN Relations

On May 10, 2024, the United Nations General Assembly held an emergency special session and passed a resolution supporting Palestine's admission to the UN in the wake of the US vetoing a similar proposal in the Security Council a month earlier. Israel's ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, vehemently criticized the decision, labeling it a violation of the UN Charter and dramatically shredding a copy of the Charter during his speech. Despite the historical efforts towards a two-state solution since the Oslo Accords in 1993, tensions between Palestine and Israel persist, further exacerbated by the General Assembly’s resolution.

Key Takeaways

  • UN General Assembly supports Palestine's UN membership
  • US vetoed a similar proposal in the Security Council last month
  • Israel's UN representative, Gilad Erdan, protests the move
  • Long-standing efforts towards a two-state solution influenced by the Oslo Accords
  • Heightened tensions between Palestine and Israel


The General Assembly's endorsement of Palestine's UN membership following the US's Security Council veto may strain the US-UN relationship, while Israel's reaction, including Erdan's dramatic protest, signifies an escalation in the Israel-Palestine conflict. This may impede the ongoing pursuit of a two-state solution, affecting various organizations advocating for peace in the region, ultimately posing risks to the stability of the Middle East and global security. Adjacent countries, international peacekeeping forces, and financial institutions like the World Bank could also face ramifications as they may be called upon to mediate or provide aid.

Did You Know?

  • UN General Assembly's Resolution: The UN General Assembly, one of the UN's principal organs, has the authority to make recommendations, including on matters related to membership. This resolution is a significant step towards international recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state.
  • US's Security Council Veto: The Security Council, responsible for global peace and security, can make binding decisions, with permanent members like the US having the power to veto them.
  • Israel's UN Representative's Opposition: Gilad Erdan's denouncement exemplifies the intricate political dynamics at play within the UN and the ongoing tensions between Israel and Palestine.

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