US Adds 37 Chinese Entities to 'Entity List'

US Adds 37 Chinese Entities to 'Entity List'

Yan Xinyi
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US Commerce Department Adds 37 Chinese Entities to Entity List

In a recent move, the US Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security has placed 37 Chinese entities on the Entity List, imposing strict export controls. Among them, 22 are linked to quantum computing, 11 to high-altitude balloons, and 4 to suspected ties with the Russian military. Notable entities on the list include research institutions under China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Quantum Science Research Center, and more. This decision underscores the ongoing crackdown on Chinese high-tech institutions by the US.

Key Takeaways

  • The addition of 37 Chinese entities, including research institutions and listed companies, to the U.S. Entity List by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) imposes strict export controls.
  • 22 quantum computing-related entities are among those affected.
  • Other entities included have ties to high-altitude balloons and Russian military activities.
  • This move marks the US's continual efforts to impose export controls on Chinese high-tech institutions.


The inclusion of 37 Chinese entities in the Entity List, particularly those related to quantum computing, will impact these organizations' access to US technology. This decision, part of the ongoing US-China tech tensions, could potentially hinder China's quantum computing progress, offering short-term benefits to US quantum computing companies. However, this may prompt China to invest in domestic quantum tech development, leading to long-term competition. Entities involved in quantum computing and high-altitude balloon technology globally may also feel the repercussions. As tensions escalate, a retaliatory response from China could strain US-China relations further.

Did You Know?

  • Entity List: The Entity List, maintained by the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), identifies foreign entities restricted from receiving certain exports of U.S. goods and technologies due to national security or foreign policy concerns.
  • Quantum Computing Related Entities: The inclusion of 22 quantum computing-related entities on the Entity List reflects US concerns about advanced computing technology and national security implications. These entities are affiliated with important research institutions in China.
  • High-Altitude Balloons and Russian Military Ties: The addition of entities linked to high-altitude balloons and Russian military activities underscores broader US concerns about technology transfers with potential national security implications.

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