US and EU to Deploy AI for Semiconductor Chemical Replacement: Bloomberg

Nikolai Petrovich Yastrebov
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the US and the European Union intend to use artificial intelligence to find substitutes for the persistent chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing, as revealed in a draft statement viewed by Bloomberg. This initiative is part of the outcomes of the joint US-EU Trade and Technology Council happening in Leuven, Belgium this week.

Key Takeaways:

  • The US and the EU are planning to utilize AI in the search for replacements for forever chemicals in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • A draft statement seen by Bloomberg indicates that this commitment is part of the conclusions to the joint US-EU Trade and Technology Council.
  • The initiative aims to address the prevalence of persistent chemicals in the semiconductor industry.


This move demonstrates the increasing utilization of artificial intelligence in addressing environmental and manufacturing challenges. It also underscores the collaborative efforts between the US and the EU in the realm of technology and trade.

Do You Know?

  • Semiconductor manufacturing often involves the use of forever chemicals, which are persistent and potentially harmful substances.
  • The integration of artificial intelligence in this context signifies a growing trend towards leveraging advanced technologies for sustainability and innovation.
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