Valley National Bank Finances $210M West Harlem Mixed-Use Project

Valley National Bank Finances $210M West Harlem Mixed-Use Project

Nikolai Petrovich
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Valley National Bank Provides $210M Financing for West Harlem Development Project

Valley National Bank has extended a significant financial package of $210 million to support the development of a 490-unit mixed-use project in West Harlem. The collaborative effort between developers Artimus and Grid Group will give rise to a 28-story complex situated at 1440 Amsterdam Avenue. This expansive venture encompasses 273 parking spaces and spans an impressive 470,000 square feet.

Key Takeaways

  • Valley National Bank contributes $210M for the multifaceted development project in West Harlem.
  • Artimus and Grid Group are poised to construct 490 units at the prime location of 1440 Amsterdam Avenue.
  • The project encompasses 273 parking spaces and an expansive 470,000 square feet.
  • The developers have effectively secured financing through a $123M senior note, a $55M note, and a $32M subordinate note.
  • The site, which was previously NYCHA land, was acquired by Grid Group for $28M in 2022.


Valley National Bank's substantial financial backing to the West Harlem project spearheaded by Artimus and Grid Group is poised to enhance their project portfolios. However, this move is not without potential drawbacks, as it may invite public scrutiny with regard to affordability. By leveraging the 421a tax abatement, the project aims to allocate a percentage of income-restricted units, a strategic move aimed at addressing community apprehensions. The transition from a smaller condominium plan to a more expansive mixed-use development underscores the evolving demand for diverse housing and commercial spaces in the market. This shift is anticipated to attract a broader array of residents and businesses to the vicinity, potentially bolstering property values and stimulating local economic activity. Nonetheless, the long-term implications on neighborhood dynamics and housing affordability remain uncertain.

Did You Know?

  • 421a Tax Abatement: A program in New York State that offers tax exemptions to incentivize the construction of new residential units by reducing property taxes for a specified duration. To be eligible for this program, a certain portion of units must be earmarked for low- to moderate-income residents.
  • NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority): The primary public housing authority in North America, responsible for providing affordable housing to low- and moderate-income individuals. The utilization of NYCHA land indicates the involvement of property originally designated for public housing.
  • Senior Note, Subordinate Note: In the realm of financing, a senior note denotes a debt security that takes precedence over other debts in the event of default, thus being repaid first. On the other hand, a subordinate note is a form of debt that is settled after all senior debts, representing a higher-risk instrument typically offering elevated interest rates.

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