Vanda Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Results for Motion Sickness Drug

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Results for Motion Sickness Drug

Daichi Nakamura
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Vanda Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Phase III Trial Results for Motion Sickness Drug

Vanda Pharmaceuticals has disclosed encouraging outcomes from its second Phase III clinical trial of tradipitant, a medication designed to alleviate motion sickness. The trial, named Motion Serifos, encompassed 316 participants and was conducted on boats in the coastal waters of the US. Participants were administered either 170mg or 85mg of tradipitant, or a placebo. Both dosages of tradipitant demonstrated significantly greater effectiveness than the placebo in preventing vomiting and severe nausea. Vanda intends to submit a new drug application for tradipitant to the US Food and Drug Administration in Q4 of this year.

Key Takeaways

  • Vanda Pharmaceuticals' Phase III clinical trial of tradipitant for motion sickness treatment yields favorable results.
  • Both the 170mg and 85mg doses of tradipitant were markedly more efficacious than the placebo in averting vomiting.
  • The trial showcased a substantial reduction of over 70% in the risk of vomiting for the 170mg group and more than 50% for the 85mg group.
  • Both doses of tradipitant effectively prevented severe nausea and vomiting, achieving the secondary endpoint.
  • Vanda plans to file a new drug application for tradipitant with the US FDA for motion sickness-induced vomiting prevention in Q4 2024.


The successful Phase III trial for tradipitant by Vanda Pharmaceuticals, a treatment for motion sickness, holds promising implications for the company, the FDA, and the general public. This breakthrough could lead to a potent new drug for motion sickness, benefiting millions of affected individuals, notably travelers and military personnel. The FDA's approval would validate Vanda's research and development endeavors, potentially enhancing its stock value and investor confidence. The triumph of tradipitant might incentivize competitors to invest in parallel research and development, stimulating innovation in motion sickness treatments. Over time, widespread adoption of tradipitant could diminish healthcare costs related to motion sickness and enhance the overall quality of life for patients.

Did You Know?

  • Phase III Clinical Trial: This constitutes the final stage of testing for a new drug before it can receive approval from regulatory authorities such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Phase III trials encompass a larger cohort of participants, typically numbering in the hundreds, to further assess the drug's safety and effectiveness. In this instance, Vanda Pharmaceuticals' Phase III trial for tradipitant was designed to investigate its impact on motion sickness.
  • Tradipitant: This is a drug candidate developed by Vanda Pharmaceuticals. It functions as an antagonist of the neurokinin 1 receptor (NK-1R), which is believed to significantly contribute to the onset of motion sickness symptoms. The successful outcomes from this Phase III trial suggest that tradipitant could serve as an effective remedy for motion sickness-induced vomiting and severe nausea.
  • New Drug Application (NDA): An NDA denotes a submission to regulatory bodies like the US FDA, furnishing data from clinical trials and other studies to validate the safety and efficacy of a new drug. By intending to file an NDA for tradipitant in Q4 of 2024, Vanda Pharmaceuticals is taking the requisite steps to pursue approval for marketing and selling tradipitant as a prescription medication for motion sickness-induced vomiting prevention.

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