VenoStent Secures $20M Series A Funding for SelfWrap Innovation

VenoStent Secures $20M Series A Funding for SelfWrap Innovation

Sylvie Dubois
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VenoStent Secures Funding for SelfWrap, Revolutionizing Dialysis Treatments

Hey there! Picture yourself managing chronic kidney disease and requiring regular haemodialysis. In steps VenoStent, a Texas-based medical device company making major waves with a $20 million Series A funding round alongside a $3.6 million grant from the NIH. Their standout product? SelfWrap, a bioabsorbable wrap engineered to bolster the durability and effectiveness of arteriovenous fistulas (AVFs) crucial for dialysis.

What's the big fuss about? Well, over 500,000 individuals in the US depend on these AVFs for their survival, yet they commonly fail within a year. SelfWrap sets out to flip the script, potentially elevating survival rates and the quality of life for many. The NIH grant specifically targets the SAVE-FistulaS trial, involving 200 patients over 36 months, scrutinizing the longevity of these wraps.

The backers of this round, including Norwest Venture Partners and others, are genuinely enthusiastic about SelfWrap's potential to revolutionize dialysis treatments. And it's not just about survival; the market for these devices is projected to reach $936.6 million by 2030. Therefore, it's a win-win scenario for patients and investors alike.

Key Takeaways

  • VenoStent obtains $20m in Series A financing for SelfWrap.
  • SelfWrap aims to enhance the durability of AVFs for CKD patients.
  • The NIH awards $3.6m for a trial enrolling 200 patients.
  • The trial focuses on unassisted access and adverse events.
  • The AV fistula procedure has a 60% failure rate within a year.


VenoStent's $20m Series A and $3.6m NIH grant for SelfWrap have the potential to revolutionize AVF durability, impacting over 500,000 US CKD patients. Investors such as Norwest Venture Partners stand to gain as the dialysis device market approaches $936.6m by 2030. The SAVE-FistulaS trial could lower AVF failure rates, enhancing patient survival and quality of life. In the short term, VenoStent's growth accelerates; in the long term, broader adoption could reshape dialysis standards and patient outcomes.

Did You Know?

  • VenoStent:
    • VenoStent, based in Texas, is a medical device company with a focus on developing innovative solutions for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients requiring regular haemodialysis. Their recent success includes securing a significant Series A funding round and a grant from the NIH, underlining their potential impact in the medical device industry.
  • SelfWrap:
    • SelfWrap, developed by VenoStent, is a bioabsorbable wrap designed to enhance the durability and effectiveness of arteriovenous fistulas (AVFs), crucial for dialysis in CKD patients. The innovation lies in its potential to reduce the high failure rate of AVFs, consequently improving patient survival rates and quality of life.
  • SAVE-FistulaS Trial:
    • The SAVE-FistulaS trial, funded by the NIH and conducted by VenoStent, involves 200 patients over 36 months, concentrating on the long-term effectiveness and durability of the SelfWrap in AVFs. This trial is vital for validating the device's performance and safety, essential for its future adoption in clinical practice.

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