Vienna-Based Enspired Raises €25.5M in Series B Funding

Vienna-Based Enspired Raises €25.5M in Series B Funding

Ivana Petrovski
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Vienna-based Enspired Raises €25.5M in Series B Funding for Energy Storage Solutions

Vienna-based Enspired, a company that facilitates the sale of energy storage capacity, has secured €25.5 million in a Series B funding round led by Zouk Capital. Noteworthy investors such as Push VC, Banpu NEXT, Vopak Ventures, Presidio Ventures, Emerald Technology Ventures, Helen Ventures, 360 Capital, and EnBW New Ventures also participated in the funding round. Enspired, established in 2020, provides software solutions that allow battery owners to link their assets to power markets, potentially increasing their revenues by 60% through optimized market access. This funding reflects a growing recognition of the potential of the energy storage market, especially with the increasing integration of renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

Key Takeaways

  • Enspired secures €25.5 million in a Series B funding round.
  • Investor interest in the energy storage market is driven by the growth of renewable energy sources.
  • Enspired's software solutions can increase battery owners' revenues by 60% by connecting their assets to power markets.
  • Other companies like Sympower, Field, and Ingrid Capacity are also active in grid balance and battery storage solutions.
  • Battery storage integration becomes crucial due to the variable production of renewable energy sources.


The substantial €25.5 million Series B investment in Enspired underscores the escalating investor interest in the energy storage market as renewable energy sources continue to gain traction. Enspired's software solutions aim to facilitate battery owners' access to power markets, potentially boosting revenues by 60%. This development also bodes well for the participating organizations, enabling them to capitalize on the evolving market dynamics.

In the short term, this funding will fortify Enspired's market presence and research and development capabilities. Looking ahead, it is plausible that heightened competition could arise in the grid balance and battery storage solutions sector, impacting firms such as Sympower, Field, and Ingrid Capacity. In the long run, this investment could contribute to a more flexible and profitable energy storage market, leading to enhanced integration of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

Did You Know?

  • Role of Energy Storage Assets: Energy storage assets, particularly batteries, play a crucial role in managing the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. They store excess energy generated during peak periods and release it during low production phases, ensuring a stable power supply.
  • Insights on Series B Funding: A Series B funding round signifies a stage of venture capital financing that supports a company's growth and expansion. This round typically follows a Series A round and involves larger investments. In Enspired's case, the company raised €25.5 million, spearheaded by Zouk Capital, with participation from other prominent investors.
  • Significance of Optimized Trading Market Access: Enspired's software solutions empower battery owners to connect their assets to power markets, thereby maximizing revenues through intelligent trading strategies. By optimizing market access, Enspired can potentially enhance their partners' revenues by approximately 60%, emphasizing the value of data-driven decision-making and market expertise in the energy storage sector.

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