Vietnam's Public Security Minister Nominated as Next President

Vietnam's Public Security Minister Nominated as Next President

Trần Minh Tuấn
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Vietnam Nominates New President and National Assembly Chairman

In a recent development, Vietnam's Public Security Minister, Su Lin, has been nominated to become the country's next President. This announcement was made during the closing of the Vietnamese Communist Party's 13th Congress held in Hanoi. Su Lin, who is currently a two-term member of the Central Political Bureau, will be replacing the outgoing President, Wu Wenxiang, who resigned in March. Additionally, Chen Qingmin, a 62-year-old member of the Central Political Bureau and Vice Chairman of the National Assembly, has been nominated to take over as the Chairman of the National Assembly from Wang Tingwei, who resigned in April. This news comes after the approval of the resignation of Zhang Shimei, a former member of the Central Political Bureau and Secretariat of the Central Committee, during the Congress.

Key Takeaways

  • Vietnam's Public Security Minister Su Lin nominated as a candidate for the country's presidency.
  • Su Lin's nomination marks the third potential candidate for the position during the 13th term of the Central Political Bureau.
  • The nomination comes after the resignation of former President Wu Wenxiang in March 2024.
  • Chen Qingmin, a 62-year-old member of the Central Political Bureau and Vice Chairman of the National Assembly, also nominated for the position of National Assembly Chairperson.
  • The nominations were announced during the closure of the three-day 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam in Hanoi.


The nomination of Vietnam's Public Security Minister, Su Lin, as the country's next President could have significant implications for the Southeast Asian nation's political landscape. This development may impact the country's relations with regional powers and global tech companies, as the new leadership could introduce changes in trade policies, cybersecurity regulations, and law enforcement strategies.

The appointment of Su Lin and Chen Qingmin, who are known for their strong ties with the military and security establishments, suggests a power shift towards a more security-focused administration. This change may lead to stricter regulations in technology and communications, affecting multinational tech firms operating in the country.

Short-term consequences may include market volatility and adjustments in investment strategies, while long-term impacts could result in policy shifts, regulatory changes, and possible realignments in regional power dynamics. Neighboring countries, financial institutions, and international organizations with vested interests in Vietnam should closely monitor these developments.

Did You Know?

  • Central Political Bureau: The Central Political Bureau is the highest decision-making body of the Communist Party of Vietnam, responsible for overseeing the country's political, economic, and social affairs. It comprises approximately 18-22 members who are elected by the Party's Central Committee during the National Congress, held every five years.
  • National Assembly Chairperson: The National Assembly Chairperson is the highest-ranking official in Vietnam's legislative branch, responsible for presiding over the National Assembly sessions and representing the country in international forums. The Chairperson is elected by the National Assembly members for a five-year term, coinciding with the National Assembly's tenure.
  • 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam: The 13th National Congress is a five-yearly meeting of the Communist Party of Vietnam, held in Hanoi, to review the country's socio-economic development, elect new members to the Central Committee and Central Political Bureau, and set the direction for the country's future development. The Congress also serves as a platform for discussing and approving significant policy changes and personnel reshuffles in the government.

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