Vytal Raises €6.2M for Sustainable Reusable Packaging

Vytal Raises €6.2M for Sustainable Reusable Packaging

Lena Novákova
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Vytal Secures €6.2 Million in Funding to Revolutionize Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Vytal, a company at the forefront of sustainable packaging, has successfully raised €6.2 million in a growth financing round, catapulting its total funding to over €18 million. This timely investment addresses the EU's staggering annual waste of over 60 billion single-use food and drink containers, in line with initiatives such as the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation that advocate for sustainability. Operating in 17 countries, Vytal's groundbreaking platform replaces single-use packaging with reusable solutions, serving a diverse range of sectors including corporate campuses, airports, and entertainment venues.

The company's open system allows consumers to freely borrow and return high-quality reusable containers at multiple partner locations. Leading the funding is Emerald Technology Ventures through its Sustainable Packaging Innovation Fund, with additional backing from Ventis and existing investors such as Kiko Ventures and Grazia Equity.

Key Takeaways

  • Vytal attains €6.2 million in funding, elevating total funding to over €18 million.
  • Emphasis on reusable packaging solutions, supplanting single-use containers.
  • Vytal implements an open system across 17 countries, enabling free borrowing and return of reusable containers.
  • Funding spearheaded by Emerald Technology, with the ambition of broadening into untapped markets and fortifying software offerings.
  • Launch of VyEES subsidiary, directed towards events and entertainment industry, advocating reusable packaging.


Vytal's substantial financial infusion underscores a pivotal shift towards sustainable packaging, fuelled by both EU regulations and consumer-driven demand. This influx proves advantageous for investors such as Emerald Technology Ventures and Kiko Ventures, potentially yielding significant returns. The expansion may disrupt conventional packaging enterprises, while fostering collaborations with corporate campuses and entertainment venues. Immediate impacts encompass accelerated market penetration and technological advancements, while long-term implications could potentially reshape industry standards, leading to a reduction in waste and environmental footprint. Vytal's data-driven strategy positions the company as a frontrunner in an emerging eco-friendly sector.

Did You Know?

  • EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation:
    • The EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation constitutes a framework aimed at mitigating the environmental repercussions of packaging waste within the European Union. It mandates that member states achieve specific recycling targets and curtail the usage of single-use packaging materials. This regulation serves as a significant impetus for companies like Vytal to innovate and proffer sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Emerald Technology Ventures' Sustainable Packaging Innovation Fund:
    • As a venture capital firm specializing in investing in technology-driven solutions across various sectors, including sustainability, Emerald Technology Ventures directs its Sustainable Packaging Innovation Fund towards supporting startups and companies engrossed in developing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. This fund's investment in Vytal underscores the burgeoning interest in and patronage of eco-friendly packaging alternatives.
  • VyEES:
    • A subsidiary of Vytal, VyEES is dedicated to delivering reusable packaging solutions to the events and entertainment industry. This specialized service endeavors to mitigate waste stemming from single-use containers at large-scale events and festivals. By offering a system that allows for the borrowing and returning of reusable containers, VyEES enables event organizers and attendees to adopt more sustainable practices, contributing to the overarching aspiration of reducing packaging waste.

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