Warner Bros. Discovery Subleases Manhattan Office Space to Susquehanna

Warner Bros. Discovery Subleases Manhattan Office Space to Susquehanna

Donatella Rossi
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Warner Bros. Discovery Subleases 74,000 Square Feet in Manhattan to Susquehanna International Group

Warner Bros. Discovery has subleased 74,000 square feet of its office space at 30 Hudson Yards to trading firm Susquehanna International Group. Susquehanna will occupy a full floor for a decade under the sublease, transitioning to a direct six-year lease with the landlords, Related Companies and Allianz, once the sublease term ends. Although the exact asking rents for these deals are undisclosed, typical rents in the building range from $110 to $120 per square foot. This move is part of Warner Bros. Discovery's ongoing efforts to reduce costs and adjust its real estate strategy, following significant corporate changes and a previous sale-leaseback agreement for the space.

Key Takeaways

  • Warner Bros. Discovery subleases 74,000 square feet at 30 Hudson Yards to Susquehanna International Group.
  • Susquehanna will initially sublease for a decade, then transition to a six-year direct lease with landlords Related Companies and Allianz.
  • Asking rents at 30 Hudson Yards typically range from $110s to $120s per square foot.
  • Warner Bros. Discovery currently occupies 1.5 million square feet at 30 Hudson Yards, downsizing from previous real estate needs.
  • KKR expanded its presence at 30 Hudson Yards by taking an additional 220,000 square feet in 2023.


The sublease of office space by Warner Bros. Discovery to Susquehanna International Group indicates strategic cost reduction efforts amid corporate restructuring. This move, coupled with a previous sale-leaseback, signifies a shift in real estate strategy to align with evolving business needs. Susquehanna benefits from a prime location at competitive rates, enhancing its operational footprint. Long-term, this could stabilize Warner Bros. Discovery's financials and optimize space utilization, while Susquehanna's expansion solidifies its commitment to the area. The transaction also underscores the dynamic real estate market at 30 Hudson Yards, influencing future deals and tenant strategies in the district.

Did You Know?

  • Warner Bros. Discovery: A leading global media and entertainment company formed by the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc. in 2022. It owns a diverse portfolio of television networks, film studios, and streaming services, including HBO, CNN, and the Warner Bros. film studio.
  • Susquehanna International Group (SIG): A privately held trading and technology firm based in Pennsylvania. SIG is known for its expertise in quantitative research, proprietary trading, and investment strategies across various financial markets globally.
  • Sale-leaseback agreement: A financial transaction where a company sells its owned property (like an office building) and then leases it back from the buyer. This allows the seller to raise capital by monetizing the property while continuing to use it. It's often used to free up capital tied in real estate assets for other business investments or operational needs.

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