Waystar Gears up for IPO Amid High Demand

Waystar Gears up for IPO Amid High Demand

Yulia Petrovna
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Surge in Health-Tech and Ticketing IPOs Reflects Strong Investor Confidence

Health-care payments software company Waystar is targeting the midpoint of its $20-$23 IPO range, with demand exceeding available shares by tenfold. Major investors such as Neuberger Berman and the Qatar Investment Authority are considering purchasing up to $225 million in Waystar shares. Meanwhile, ticket-seller SeatGeek has enlisted Citigroup and Wells Fargo for its IPO, aiming for a valuation exceeding $1.35 billion. These developments come as the private equity market anticipates increased activity, driven by optimistic investor sentiment and a narrowing gap in valuation expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • Waystar plans IPO at midpoint of $20-$23 range, with orders 10 times available shares.
  • Neuberger Berman and Qatar Investment Authority interested in $225 million of Waystar shares.
  • SeatGeek targets IPO valuation above $1.35 billion, adds Citigroup and Wells Fargo as underwriters.
  • Private equity and credit dealmaking expected to accelerate in 2024.
  • Gap in valuation expectations narrowing, boosting private equity and credit activity.


The surge in IPO activity, exemplified by Waystar and SeatGeek, reflects a bullish market sentiment driven by a narrowing gap in valuations and increased investor appetite for tech and healthcare sectors. The oversubscribed IPO of Waystar, coupled with major investor interest, underscores strong confidence in health-tech. Similarly, SeatGeek's high IPO target valuation signals optimism in the ticketing industry. These events are likely to catalyze more private equity and credit deals, potentially leading to increased market volatility and sector-specific growth opportunities, reshaping market dynamics and influencing investor strategies and sector valuations in the long term.

Did You Know?

  • Waystar IPO: Waystar, a healthcare payments software company, is planning its Initial Public Offering (IPO) at the midpoint of a $20-$23 per share range, strategically balancing investor attraction and capital maximization. The overwhelming demand suggests robust investor confidence in Waystar's market potential.
  • Neuberger Berman and Qatar Investment Authority: These notable institutional investors are considering purchasing up to $225 million in Waystar shares, reflecting strong interest from diverse investment strategies and global investments in various sectors, including technology and healthcare.
  • Private Equity Market Dynamics: The private equity market gearing up for increased activity indicates a trend where investors seek higher returns amidst a narrowing gap in valuation expectations, facilitating smoother transactions and boosting deal flow in the private equity and credit sectors.

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