Wolverine World Wide Expands with New Licensing Agreements

Wolverine World Wide Expands with New Licensing Agreements

Alessandro Rossi
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Wolverine World Wide Signs Global Licensing Agreements to Expand Brand Presence

Wolverine World Wide, a leading footwear manufacturer, has recently inked two significant global licensing agreements in a strategic move towards brand-led growth. Vida Shoes International will take on the production of kids' footwear for Merrell and Saucony in most markets, excluding those with existing licenses. Simultaneously, Centric Brands has been awarded global rights for Merrell apparel and accessories, encompassing items such as bags, headwear, and packs, with certain limitations due to current licenses. These transformative adjustments aim to bolster Wolverine World Wide's market presence across diverse global arenas.

Key Takeaways

  • Wolverine World Wide secures global licensing agreements with Vida Shoes International for Merrell and Saucony kids' footwear.
  • Centric Brands gains global rights for Merrell apparel and accessories, marking a significant expansion for the brand.
  • These agreements underscore Wolverine's strategic transition towards brand-led growth.


The proactive strides taken by Wolverine World Wide illustrate a calculated pivot towards brand-led growth. The partnerships with Vida Shoes International and Centric Brands are poised to enrich their product portfolios, potentially bolstering revenue streams and market saturation. Meanwhile, incumbent licensees in excluded markets may face potential revenue challenges. Wolverine's concerted focus on brand growth seeks to elevate its global standing, potentially augmenting its competitive prowess. These shifts may precipitate market reconfigurations, thereby impacting competitors, suppliers, and consumers alike. Over the long haul, this strategic maneuver could catalyze further industry consolidation and innovation.

Did You Know?

  • Global licensing agreements: These contractual arrangements bestow another entity (in this instance, Vida Shoes International and Centric Brands) with the rights to fabricate and distribute specific products under the brand and intellectual property of the company granting the license, in designated markets.
  • Brand-led growth: This business strategy centers on fortifying and amplifying a company's brands through targeted initiatives and strategic collaborations, such as the licensing pacts forged with established manufacturers. By prioritizing brand-led growth, Wolverine World Wide aims to expand the market foothold and consumer base for its Merrell and Saucony brands.
  • Vida Shoes International and Centric Brands: Vida Shoes International serves as a prominent footwear manufacturer, while Centric Brands operates as a lifestyle brand company with expertise in designing and marketing varied products, encompassing apparel, accessories, and footwear. Wolverine World Wide selected these companies based on their proficiency in manufacturing and distributing merchandise and their potential to extend the global reach of the Merrell and Saucony brands.

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