Cryptocurrencies XRP and Solana Could Follow Ethereum in Launching Spot ETFs, Predicts Analyst

Cryptocurrencies XRP and Solana Could Follow Ethereum in Launching Spot ETFs, Predicts Analyst

Luisa Rodriguez
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Cryptocurrencies XRP and Solana Could Follow Ethereum in Launching Spot ETFs, Predicts Analyst

Analyst Geoff Kendrick from Standard Chartered suggests that XRP and Solana could potentially launch spot ETFs, following the recent SEC approval of 8 Ethereum ETFs. This newfound regulatory stance offers hope for altcoins like XRP, embattled in legal challenges, to gain ETF approval by 2025. At present, both XRP and Solana hold substantial positions in the crypto market, with market caps of $27.3 billion and $74.6 billion respectively. Despite the potential for these ETFs, Kendrick advises patience, as their approval and availability may not occur until 2025. The introduction of these ETFs would simplify access for investors, allowing them to invest in cryptocurrencies through a straightforward stock transaction, avoiding the complexities of direct crypto management. Meanwhile, the SEC's approval of Ethereum ETFs initially led to a 5% drop in Ethereum's price, a common market pattern of selling on the news. Kendrick, however, remains optimistic about Bitcoin's potential to reach $150,000 by the end of 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Analyst Geoff Kendrick predicts XRP and Solana could follow Ethereum in launching spot ETFs by 2025.
  • SEC's new regulatory policy offers hope for altcoins like XRP and Solana to gain ETF approval.
  • XRP and Solana, with market caps of $27.3 billion and $74.6 billion respectively, are potential ETF candidates.
  • ETFs for XRP and Solana would simplify crypto investment, avoiding direct asset management complexities.
  • Despite ETF approvals, initial market reactions to Ethereum ETF were negative, with prices dropping over 5%.


The potential approval of XRP and Solana spot ETFs by 2025, influenced by the SEC's evolving regulatory stance, could significantly impact investor accessibility and market dynamics. Direct beneficiaries include retail and institutional investors seeking simplified crypto exposure without direct asset management. Indirectly, broader market acceptance of altcoin ETFs might stabilize prices and increase liquidity, despite initial negative reactions like Ethereum's 5% drop. Long-term, these ETFs could enhance market maturity and integration of cryptocurrencies into mainstream finance, potentially influencing broader financial instruments and regulatory frameworks.

Did You Know?

  • Spot ETF: An Exchange-Traded Fund that holds the underlying asset directly rather than derivatives. In the context of cryptocurrencies, a spot ETF would hold actual units of the crypto asset, allowing investors to gain exposure to the asset's price movements without the need to manage private keys or navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Altcoins: Short for "alternative coins," altcoins refer to any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin and offer different features or use cases compared to Bitcoin. Examples include Ethereum, XRP, and Solana, each with unique protocols and applications.
  • Market Cap in Crypto: Market capitalization in the cryptocurrency market refers to the total value of all coins currently in circulation, providing a gauge of a cryptocurrency's size relative to others and indicating market maturity and investor interest.

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