Xtend Raises $40M to Expand Civilian Drone Business

Xtend Raises $40M to Expand Civilian Drone Business

Eitan Levi
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Xtend Raises $40 Million for Civilian Drone Expansion

A Tel Aviv-based startup, Xtend, recently secured a $40 million investment to expand its civilian business. The company, known for providing a drone operating system to the US Defense Department and the Israeli army, plans to utilize the funds to broaden its non-defense applications, including logistics, construction, and private security. Furthermore, Xtend aims to establish new offices in Japan and the UK.

Key Takeaways

  • Tel Aviv-based startup Xtend raises $40 million to expand civilian business
  • Xtend's drone operating system used by US Defense Department and Israeli army
  • Company's technology deployed in Gaza Strip battlefield, scouting buildings for fighters or explosives
  • Xtend's platform enables human operators to control small drones with VR headset and handheld controller
  • Post-conflict plans include expanding non-defense applications, like logistics, construction, and private security
  • New offices to open in Japan and the UK, currently has offices in the US
  • Xtend improves drones' ability to fly without GPS for civilian applications


Xtend's $40 million funding expansion underscores the increasing relevance of drone technology in civilian sectors. The company's noteworthy military background provides a competitive advantage in the advancement of drone operating systems. This significant investment is poised to strengthen Xtend's presence in logistics, construction, and private security, ultimately leading to potential job creation and expanded drone integration in everyday operations. However, as drones become more pervasive, concerns about privacy and security may arise, necessitating Xtend to address these challenges while maintaining its technological edge to remain competitive in the global market.

Did You Know?

  • Drone Operating System (DOS): A specialized software that controls and manages the operation of drones, enabling them to perform complex tasks and respond to environmental changes.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Headset and Handheld Controller for Drone Operation: Xtend's technology enables human operators to control small drones using a portable VR headset and handheld controller, providing an immersive experience for the operator.
  • GPS-denied Flight Capabilities: Xtend has enhanced drones' ability to fly without GPS signals for civilian applications, making them suitable for various scenarios, including logistics, construction, and private security.

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