Zeta Global Launches AI-Powered Tool for Tracking Consumer Behavior

Zeta Global Launches AI-Powered Tool for Tracking Consumer Behavior

Hiroko Tanaka
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Zeta Global's AI-Powered Economic Index Tracks Consumer Behavior

Zeta Global has developed an innovative tool to monitor consumer spending and economic trends patterns. The Zeta Economic Index, powered by advanced AI, provides real-time insights into consumer behavior, offering a more dynamic and detailed view compared to traditional economic indicators.

Key Takeaways

  • Zeta Global's Economic Index utilizes generative AI to track online and offline consumer activities.
  • It analyzes over 240 million US adults' spending habits and research activities in sectors like automotive, dining, and travel.
  • The index includes an economic health score and a consumer resilience measure, enabling predictions of real-time economic trends.
  • Monthly updates and historical data support the tool's accuracy and reliability.


Zeta Global's AI-driven Economic Index reveals a shift towards cautious spending among US consumers, despite a robust economy. This trend impacts investment strategies for hedge funds and private equity firms. The tool's real-time analysis and historical data empower policymakers and investors, highlighting potential economic slowdowns. Short-term, this caution may stabilize markets, but long-term, it could signal a broader economic adjustment if consumer behavior persists.

Did You Know?

  • Zeta Economic Index:
    • Developed by Zeta Global, the index leverages advanced AI to provide real-time insights into consumer behavior. It tracks consumer spending and research activities, focusing on sectors like automotive, dining, and travel.
  • Economic Health Score and Consumer Resilience Measure:
    • Components of the index that evaluate the state of the economy and consumer behavior, aiding in predicting potential economic shifts.
  • Generative AI in Economic Analysis:
    • The use of generative AI enhances the speed and accuracy of economic forecasting, making it a valuable tool for financial institutions and policymakers.

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