Zheshang Securities to Become Largest Shareholder of Guotai Securities

Zheshang Securities to Become Largest Shareholder of Guotai Securities

Chen Wei-Hua
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Zheshang Securities Plans to Become Largest Shareholder of Guotai Securities

A surprising development in the Chinese securities market sees Zheshang Securities aiming to take over Guotai Securities, potentially acquiring a 34.25% stake in the company. This move follows a failed acquisition attempt in 2013, and Zheshang Securities intends to purchase the stakes held by subsidiaries of the state-owned Sanyou Group. If successful, this acquisition will surpass the current largest shareholder, marking a significant shift in the equity structure of Guotai Securities.

Key Takeaways

  • Zheshang Securities is set to become the largest shareholder of Guotai Securities with a stake of approximately 34.25%, surpassing the current top shareholder, Zhongcheng Trust, which holds 13.33%.
  • Guotai Securities, a regional small-scale securities firm, has experienced increased equity dispersion over the years, with no real controller and frequent internal disputes.
  • Zheshang Securities has made a strong comeback, planning to acquire over 30% of Guotai Securities' shares through bidding on stakes held by Shenzhen-based Shenfang Innovation Investment and Jiarong Investment.
  • The two stakes, totaling 7.4159% of Guotai Securities' shares, are being offered at a base price of 11.3 billion yuan. Both stakes are tied to a single transaction, which was listed in December 2023 but had not attracted any bidders until now.
  • Shenfang Innovation Investment and Jiarong Investment are subsidiaries of state-owned Shenfang Share (600100.SH).


This acquisition signals a consolidation trend in China's securities market, with Zheshang Securities poised to gain control over Guotai Securities. Consequences include potential market disruption and increased concentration of power. The deal may also affect other regional brokers, compelling them to seek mergers or acquisitions to remain competitive. Sanyou Group, as the parent company of the selling subsidiaries, may see improved financials due to the sale. In the long term, this development may lead to stricter regulatory scrutiny and policy changes to prevent monopolies. The acquisition's success hinges on approval from regulatory bodies, including the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Did You Know?

  • Securities Market: A platform where securities such as stocks, bonds, and other financial assets are bought and sold.
  • Shareholding Structure: Refers to the distribution of ownership rights among a company's shareholders.
  • Base Price: The minimum price at which an asset can be sold.

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